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Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your beau, or having a good ole fashioned Galentine’s day, you must not forget to treat yo’self! Remember that blush you’ve been yearning for since Christmas? Or when you and your besties discussed that weekend spa retreat during brunch last Sunday? If you’ve been following your new year’s resolutions closely, it’s time to reward yourself this V-Day!

But we all have to agree that you’re not really celebrating a real holiday unless your favorite beauty brands have released a special, limited edition collection! Whether you’re hunting for the latest and greatest bath bomb or yummy-smelling hair mask, we’ve got you covered! Here’s our definitive list of what you need to stock up on this upcoming Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day beauty products


Besides simply shaping everything in their product range into hearts, Lush’s collection this year takes it to the next level. Their Cupid Bath Bomb has fresh raspberry juice in it, and their Lovestruck Bubble Bar is the heart-for-eyes emoji you’ve probably texted to your friends and family every day for the past few years. You’ve also got a pick from a bunch of bath bombs, but if you’re sharing a bath with your significant other this holiday, pick up the Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb. The rose oil scent mixed with Sicilian lemon is just the tip of the iceberg as yellow rose petals are left behind after the bomb completely dissolves. We’re most excited about the Kiss Me Quick Soap Paper—you rip off a piece, add water, and it lathers beautifully to make you squeaky clean for date night!


We’ve fallen head over heels for King Kylie’s newest collection (on sale February 2nd!). The collection features va-va-voom red glitter packaging and 2 brand new lip kits, but the real stars of the show are her blushes. Believe it or not, this is Kylie’s first foray into blushes. “Virginity” and “First Date”, a peachy coral and a Barbie pink) are released in her new palette, “Kylie’s Diary”. Her line has improved a lot since she first launched her liquid lipsticks, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed to see if her blushes match that standard, right from the get-go.

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Lancôme’s newly released La Rose à Poudrer Highlighter has been making the rounds on social media. The packaging is drop dead gorgeous—the product is loaded onto the faux-but-delicate petals of a rose! This highlighter delivers a light, fresh-looking glow to the face but the best part is that no matter how many times you swirl your brush over it to gather product, the rose never loses its shape! We’re going to be honest: you won’t get a lot of product at the $60 price point, but Valentine’s Day is about treating yourself. You’ll probably end up using the product on special occasions, or if you’re a hard-core makeup junkie like us, just pick up this limited edition product as a collector’s item.

Too Faced

The classic Valentine’s Day gift pairing is roses and chocolates. But if you’re doing some personal shopping and want to really indulge, you’re probably more likely to buy yourself chocolates over flowers (although who doesn’t love a bouquet of fresh flowers?). We’ve already named-dropped the Too Faced Chocolate palettes before, but when chocolates are such pervasive gifts during the season of love, why not incorporate it into our beauty products? Of the three cocoa-scented palettes, we recommend the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette for the most consistently creamy shadows to help you achieve sexy, sultry eyes—day or night. And if you really can’t justify buying yet another palette, there’s no shame in buying a big box of decadent truffles

Got a favorite product that makes you feel extra sexy on Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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