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When you reach for your makeup to do your look for the day or search your kit for the one product to add the finishing touches to a client’s look, what do you reach for? Everybody, from your grandma to your best friend, has a makeup product that they swear by. It takes years of buying and testing products until you find that one product that speaks to you.

While sometimes you just stumble upon the perfect product, other times a product recommendation or review will win you over. Want to know what’s in your tutor’s makeup bag? Read on!

Face to Face Super Matte Anti-Shine by Makeup International

It’s Summertime!…which means that every makeup artist out there will be fighting the same thing while working with their talent on set…SHINE! One product I always have in my kit, especially for this time of year, is Face to Face Super Matte Anti-Shine by Makeup International.

michele mulkey

In all my years working as a makeup artist in the entertainment industry, I have never found another product that works as well to prevent shine throughout the day with only a single application. For around $28.00 USD 18ml. tube, this product offers professional quality at an affordable price. Applied like a primer to the skin, Super Matte Anti-Shine comes in 3 sheer color tints—Light, Medium and Dark. I use this product on all talent, both men and women, and swear by it as the best anti-shine product on the market. With Super Matte Anti-Shine, a little goes a long way in eliminating shine regardless of how oily the talent’s T-Zone area or skin may be. In my opinion, this is a “must have” for every makeup artist!


Lip Tars by OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics)

Azzi williams occ lip tar
Makeup artists need products with high pigment pay off that lasts and photographs well, so when it comes to long-lasting pigment, for me, nothing beats OCC Lip Tars. Vegan, long-lasting and the hottest colors for every occasion, I couldn’t ask for anything more. They work like a concentrated ‘paint’, so you only need a drop to create incredible results. In fact, one tube can be used to paint an entire body. They are a staple in my kit as you can mix and layer the colors to create endless possibilities of lip color.

A tip with the OCC Lip Tars is that the finer the brush, the more control you will have with application. The lip colors come with their own little brushes, but I tend to use an even finer brush for a more precise finish and blend. For a matte look, leave to dry. I like to add a dash of gloss for a plumped effect, or just a dab of loose highlight like Williamspro #Selfieglo for subtle dimension.


Perfect 10 Foundation by Beauty Society

My must have product is Perfect 10 foundation by Beauty Society. I will admit, I had a small hand in developing it but that does not make be biased! This liquid foundation glides on like a dream, and it is color adjusting so each shade goes with a wide range of skin tones. As an added bonus, it is fortified with 10 youth enhancing ingredients to keep your clients skin looking and feeling their best! It is $32 and is available at BeautySociety.com


nathan johnson beauty society

Ambient Lighting Blush by Hourglass Cosmetics

I’m always looking for amazing new products to add to my kit. I certainly have products I would consider my staples, but I’m open to new options. MAC and NARS have been my go-to companies for blush, and though I love the pigmentation and product, I do have to admit I have a new favorite. The Ambient Lighting Blush by Hourglass Cosmetics is everything! Currently I have 3 shades and I need the other four!

There are 3 things that make these blushes winners. The first is the amount of dimension the colors have without being too shimmery. There have been many times when I see a color I adore, but when I test it out, there are glitter particles—I don’t want that in my kit! Glow and glitter are two very different things.

I also love these because they work as stand-alone blushes. I am definitely an artist that mixes everything. I have found myself always mixing lipsticks, layering lip liners and always layering blushes. I knew the Ambient Lighting Blushes were a keeper when I used just one and stopped because I was satisfied with the end result. But what makes them even better is that I can layer them if I wanted to, and it is not overbearing. Definitely check them out…they are worth it! They are now a staple for my bridal kit.


Zeropowder by Williamspro

williamspro zeropowder

Most clients demand a long-lasting finish for their makeup, and a Holy Grail makeup product in my kit is of course, the cult favourite, Williamspro Zeropowder, which sets makeup, keeps a shine-free finish and makes the skin look naturally radiant. Good-for-the-skin ingredients like soothing green clay and arrowroot calm the skin and absorb excess oils, helping to restore the skin’s natural moisture levels and leaving your client’s skin looking smooth and fresh all day.

The unique aspect of Zeropowder is that it also has light optimising minerals to create a soft-focused effect, instantly minimising the appearance of pores and fine lines to help keep skin look refined, even, flawless, and youthful. Plus it’s totally vegan, cruelty free and natural, so it’s kind to skin and animals!


Tell us YOUR favorite makeup mainstays and check out the best cult favorite beauty products!

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  • Lu says:

    My favorite product is by Eve Pearl, Salmon! Love it! Nathan Johnson recommended it and I totally fell in love with it. I also enjoy Eve’s Priming moisterizer tint. Very light primer and slight tinting. My everyday that I can’t live without product? Garnier’s 5 second blur. What with larger pores and little dings and dents on my face and some of my clients, I use it after moisterizing, priming, foundation and concealer…..awesome!

  • Shona Batton says:

    Very interesting! May have to have!

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    Very interesting

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