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Oh, eyeshadow… one of the most versatile makeup products. It can save your skin on days when your makeup collection is bare and your face needs an extra boost!

We know what you’re thinking: there can’t possibly be that many tricks for using eyeshadow. But think again! There are tons of creative ways to put your shadow palette to use on more than just your eyes!

So when you’re running low on other makeup products, or just feeling adventurous, try these ingenious little hacks to get the most out of your eyeshadow!

Different uses for eyeshadow in your makeup artist palette

1. Eyeliner

Sweep a little shadow along your lash line with an angled brush to define your eyes. If you own a palette, try changing up your look day-to-day. Opt for a light brown shadow for natural definition or add a pop of color to your peepers with purple or gold!

2. Fuller Lips

Want fuller lips without falling to the dangers of Botox or splurging on a precarious lip kit? We’ve got you covered.

After applying lip color, dab a little shimmery white shadow onto your finger and press into the center of your lips. This technique brings attention to the fullest part of your mouth. Your lips will look bigger without the painful treatments!

3. Hide Roots

First things first, this trick works best for brunettes and darker-haired ladies.

If you haven’t been able to make it to the salon and you need a quick root touch-up, try using dark shadow! Weird, huh? Wherever you part your hair is where you’ll be applying the shadow. Use a makeup brush or even a clean toothbrush to brush product onto your roots. It should conceal most of the more noticeable roots!

However, you might not want to use your priciest eyeshadow for this beauty trick. A drugstore purchase will do, like this Elf shadow kit in Natural Matte (only $2!).

4. Setting Concealer

When you run out of setting powder, the same thought always lingers: “My concealer should be fine for just one day.” And yet, by two in the afternoon you have crease marks under your eyes and that annoying blemish starts peeking through…

To save yourself the heartache of watching your makeup melt away, use shadow to set your concealer! Use a fluffy makeup brush and an eyeshadow color closest to your skin tone. Dust the shadow onto the spots where you applied concealer, and voila! You and your makeup are set for the day.

Use eyeshadow as blush for quick makeup hacks

5. Blusher, Bronzer & Highlight

The triple whammy of contouring!

Yes, your eyeshadow palette can also pass as a contour kit! Focus darker shades in the hollows of your cheeks, medium shades on the apples of your cheeks, and light colors above your brow and cheekbones. And if your palette doesn’t have all the right shades, try a strobing technique by just highlighting the high points of your face to make them stand out.

Our favorite shadow that doubles as a highlighter is the Sephora shade Blonde Ambition.

6. Bright Eyes

Keep that light-colored shadow on hand! It will make your eyes pop with strategically placed highlights.

Focus on keeping light shimmery colors on the brow bone and in the inner corners of the eye. This makes your eyes appear larger and brighter. You’ll even give Bambi a run for his money with this tip!

7. Full Brows

One of the biggest makeup trends of the 2010s has been full, thick brows—a look that Cara Delevingne has perfected. Hop on board this trend by adding shadow to your brow routine!

Eyeshadow is easier to control than brow pencils, both for pigment and for a natural look. Use a small angle brush to make a precise shape along the bottom brow line, then use light upward movements to fill in and fake the look of brow hairs.

As a girl with dark brown hair and blonde brows, I can tell you this trick has changed my life.

How to fill in eyebrows with eyeshadow palette beauty hack

8. Cleanup Edges

A task for skin-colored shadow, once again!

After you finish your makeup, you’ll probably have some rough edges or smudges to clean up. Rather than using a makeup wipe and chancing taking off a bit too much, simply cover it with shadow! This technique is best for cleaning up your lip line and defining your brow shape. Time to sharpen up!

9. Color Correcting

Another favorite makeup trend of our day: color correcting.

Color correcting can cover almost any skin concern, but that means those palettes can get expensive. Luckily, we have a similar way of perfecting your skin tone without the price tag. One catch: it probably won’t give you the flawless results that a real correcting palette would!

Use different colored shadows to correct pigments from blemishes to under eye circles. Use a contrasting color to minimize how much they stand out. For example, counter a pesky red blemish by dabbing some mint green shadow on before powdering.

Eyeshadow makeup hacks to learn as a makeup artist

Whether you just need some quick fixes or you’re looking to become a successful makeup artist, learning to maximize your products will make your job easier and more imaginative. Don’t be afraid to get creative—just be sure your products are safe to use on different areas of the face!

Are you a mastermind of creative makeup hacks? Take this quiz to see if your beauty knowledge measures up!

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