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Name: Katie Harris
Location: North Auckland, New Zealand
QC Courses Taken: Master Makeup Artistry, Pro Makeup Workshop, Airbrush Workshop, Hair Styling Essentials
Social Media: Facebook: Katie Emma Hair and Makeup Taupo

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hey, my name is Katie Harris. I am 22 years old and live in New Zealand!

I love knock knock jokes and have hilarious sneezes. I live opposite an amazing beach in a little town named Orewa and have set up my own Hair & Makeup Studio from the comfort of my home.

I’ve always loved doing a variety of activities from snowboarding to working on cars to horse riding to hair, makeup and photography! I like to keep things interesting and fun! I absolutely LOVE making people happy and always strive to make everyone around me comfortable.

You have an incredible portfolio! What makes makeup artistry the next step?

For me, my dream since I’ve been doing photography has been to be able to offer people FULL pamper packages which would include Hair Styling, Makeup Artistry and Photoshoots with professional and tasteful editing in a calm, comfortable setting the clients are 100% happy in!

Currently, I’m looking into starting up a spray tanning service also to add a little extra to my service list! I can’t stop!

The shots of your belly painting work are gorgeous. How is makeup training different?

Thank you! I absolutely love working with pregnant women and if I’m lucky, I even get to meet their little ones once they are born! I wasn’t expecting makeup training to be similar at all to the belly painting, but it really does have some awesome similarities which I think has made it an easier transition into makeup—working up and close with people has been a huge advantage, so I’m not too worried about being in their personal space and feel like I can already talk comfortably to almost anyone.

Makeup has been quite a bit different in a lot of ways though—with the face being so important to highlight features correctly. It is a very delicate process! At the start I really struggled with contouring cheek bones as I kept doing them too low, but with practice I feel like I’ve nailed them!

Photography and makeup artistry business
Halloween special effects makeup on girl who wants to learn SFX makeup techniques

Can you tell us about the really cool business you recently launched? You offer services for hair, makeup, body paint, portraits, photography, as well as automotive work?

Again, I love cars! I don’t really focus on the automotive side of things as much and just work on family and friends’ cars on the side—but if there’s something small needed done, I’m usually more than happy to help!

When I was doing work experience at a local garage, I decided that I really wanted to start my own business and I’ve always been pretty artsy so I was super keen to get into something completely different—so I started photography and then decided to go forth with hair and makeup!

What would you say to aspiring freelancers?

Jump in and “Just Do It”. You will probably surprise yourself! Make sure you get in lots of practice with a whole range of different models first to really get a grasp on your skills, and when you feel like you’ve nailed them then start your business up and go from there.

Welcome criticism—you’re not going to please every single person that comes through, and remember, if you make a mistake makeup can come off and you can easily fix it! Be confident in your own skills.

Young makeup artist starting career by taking makeup courses online
Young makeup artist starting career in beauty business

Do you have a favorite style or look? Do you like doing your own makeup?

It’s funny—the makeup look that I LOVED for years before beginning this course, I now really am not too fond of! Right now I’m loving the beachy look with wavy hair, natural bronzed makeup, flirty eyelashes and nude lips! Whereas when I started the course I loved heavy winged liner, contouring and full face coverage! Strange how things change so quickly!

As for doing my own makeup, I’ve noticed I don’t have as much time to put on a full face of makeup each day but I still do really enjoy glamming myself up for a night out when I have the time!

What is your favorite QC Beauty Academy assignment so far? Any tips for new students?

Oh goodness…there have been so many assignments that have been a tremendous amount of fun! There are two that have stood out to me so far: the bridal units and the photography unit (of course!).

Again, you will probably surprise yourself—I have totally and completely loved QC Academy so far and really enjoy the feedback from my tutors. It’s a great course and you learn so much so quickly! Just have fun, enjoy yourself and get creative.

Talented successful makeup artist taking makeup artistry courses online

You’re stranded on a deserted island. Which beauty product do you take with you?

Oh no! Well, it depends. First thing that comes to mind is “something with sunscreen”, but I think (theoretically) that doesn’t matter too much for the sake of this question! If I could only have one product for myself it would probably be false lashes. My lashes are tiny!

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