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Time to glam up this holiday season!

Vintage fashion never gets old…well, you know what we mean! These retro fashion trends have passed the test of time and are beloved styles any girl can sport.

Add some old fashioned glamour to your holiday wardrobe with our favorite vintage styles. Choose a few accessories, create a pinup-inspired hairdo, or go all out with these retro pieces! It’s time to kick it old school with these retro holiday fashion trends.

Retro fashion for the holidays with cranberry lipstick and holiday updo

Pretty in Pumps

Forget the stilettoes and thigh-high boots this holiday season! Journey back to a simpler time with some classic black pumps. They’ll compliment any outfit with a retro look, not to mention it will be way easier to walk through the snow with a comfy heel.

Add a modern twist to your vintage heel with these suede buckle up pumps.

Holiday Ribbons

For the girl who wants a modest vintage look, just add ribbons! Whether it’s to tie back your hair, to wear as a headband, or to cinch in your dress at the waist, an elegant ribbon brings the subtle elements of retro fashion. If you have trouble finding a ribbon that works in your hair, try out a bow clip to add sweetness to your retro style!

Retro hair and makeup for the holidays

Vintage Hairstyles

Finger waves or pin curls, teased bouffant or tight waves—whatever your preference, channel retro holiday fashion through your hair! A super easy way to add glamour to your ensemble is with your hairstyle. For a classic Christmas look, go for an old school up-do. A high teased bun would be perfect with that ribbon we mentioned before as well…

Pair your vintage locks with a simple makeup look—like winged liner and a red lip—to be the archetype of retro chic.

Rock the Hat Head

Small, unassuming berets were the way of the world during holiday seasons! We’re not dissing warm tuques and beanies (berets don’t really keep your ears warm) but these simple retro accessories are a must-have for the Christmas season. Match a cute beret with a pea coat to give off a vintage Parisian vibe. You’ll be the envy of every dinner party you attend this year!


Accessorizing with simple, elegant pearls will give our mothers and grandmothers a blast from the past! Whether you wear them as necklaces or earrings, pearls are a go-to holiday accessory. They match any color outfit and are wearable at casual and formal events. Not only are they classic, but the pearly white glow reminds us of winter’s charm.

Plus, pearls looks amazing with any skin tone so there’s no going wrong with this holiday piece!

Retro pearls for womens vintage fashion look

Faux Fur

Fur is a true staple of vintage winter glamour. But, to do our part in saving animals and the planet, we’ll stick with faux fur in this holiday fashion list.

Now, it’s easy to go overboard when sporting faux fur so listen carefully. A tip to live by: only wear one clothing item with a fur accent. We suggest a warm cardigan with a faux fur collar to keep you warm and toasty. With a piece like this, you’ll look and feel like an old Hollywood movie star ready to face the chill of winter!

Fun & Flirty Dresses

We all love splurging on classic dresses that we can wear to any event. Choose a dress with a flowing skirt to give your outfit a romantic swing!

Modcloth has a wide variety of vintage-inspired dresses. If you’re searching for an elegant holiday party dress or a sophisticated outfit for your work Christmas event, there’s a dress for everyone’s style and shape. The website also lets you explore dress styles by decade, so have a look and see which time period suits you best! And if you’re feeling a little crafty this Christmas season, hit up a local thrift shop to find a vintage style dress and accessories!

Retro Christmas photograph with vintage style for women

Beautiful Blouses

Not a dress type of gal? Treat yourself to a couple of cute holiday blouses and be dinner party ready!

Vintage blouses don’t have to be constricting—you can glam up a high-neck blouse with a statement necklace to modernize your outfit. Asos has a great selection of fancy tops and work-appropriate blouses for any holiday event. We suggest a sweet blouse for a smart work look or a lace-covered top for a family dinner. Pair your top of choice with a fancy pair of dress pants to capture that retro glam feeling!
There’s no stopping you once you’ve found your vintage style—you’ll look amazing this Christmas with a sprinkle of charm and a dash of retro flair! Don’t forget to tell us your favorite #TBT retro fashion trends in the comments below!

Already a master of vintage holiday fashion? Perfect your holiday look with these retro makeup looks!

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