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In the coldest moments of winter, there is always a ray of light ahead: the spring makeup trends. This year, instead of predicting my own trends, I want to focus on some hot New York Fashion Week trends that I hope will have some longevity as we step into spring.

Makeup artist applying makeup on young model during NY Fashion Week


One of the most eye-catching trends on the runway this season was the use of gloss. It found its way to the face, lips, and most magically, the eyes. Makeup legends ranging from Pat McGrath and Tom Pecheux to Bobbi Brown and Francois Nars, utilized varying techniques to bring this edgy and sexy, wet eye look to life.

Whether the gloss is applied to a smudged kohl liner, a black smoky eye, or a pop of color on the lid, the final look is captivating. To try it out on your clients, experiment with products like MAC Mixing Medium in ‘Shine,’ MAC ‘Clear as Glass’ Eye Gloss, or Bobbi Brown’s Eye Gloss. You can also turn to a beauty classic: petroleum jelly!

My one tip with this trend is to go easy! The wet look can run when over-applied, and that will take any look from fierce to flop!


I’ll admit it. I love glitter. When used poorly, it can make a person look like a kindergarten project, but when used artfully, the magical sparkles have the ability to add pop and magic in a way that no other makeup product can. This season, glitter popped up on lids, liners, as accents on the forehead, and even as coverage on some more provocative areas. But my favorite use was on the lips.

Pat McGrath hit a note of perfection with the Bordeaux and chocolate lip she created for DKNY. Another favorite was executed by Peter Philips for Fendi. Philips created a salmon shade that sat just between pink and rose gold, the glitter catching just enough light to make the lips a hypnotizing focal point.

Woman with professional makeup and glitter eyeliner

No matter what area you wish to bring glitter to life on, you can give it a try by picking up a tube of ‘Glitter Glue’ from Ben Nye. Or you can try to get your hands on one of Ms. McGrath’s eternally sold out lip kits.

Color Shock

Many artists, including runway darlings Pat McGrath and Francois Nars, brought dashes of vivid color to the runway this season. Bold hues came to life as bold swatches of color around the eyes à la 1980’s: bright lids and liners, bright creases, and beautiful bright lips.

The secret to mastering a beautiful color shock is to concentrate a single bold element on clean, flawless skin. Color everywhere is not captivating, but when the whole face is flawless and natural, a perfect pop of color becomes particularly striking.

Every season, hundreds of looks and ideas hit the runway — all hoping to be the new and fresh trend of the season. Dedicated artists created some amazing looks this season, but I really hope the gloss, glitter and color shocks have staying power.

A bright pop of color for spring 2017 makeup trends

I would love to hear your thoughts, or application ideas about these trends, as well as any other fashion week trends you hope might stick around this coming season.

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