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We reserve shelling out on expensive beauty products for special occasions—holidays, birthdays, promotions—and there’s no lie that when we do, we see the difference. Of course, there’s always the chance you’re paying extra for a brand name rather than the actual product. But when it comes to skincare and makeup, expensive products give you some awesome results.

We know that there’s a fair share of beauty gimmicks out there, and you should take that into consideration when you splurge on fancy products. However, these products are high-end not only for their price, but their skin benefits as well. That being said, we were very surprised in our research to see just how expensive the beauty industry can get!

There’s a whole other world of beauty we haven’t tasted, one that makeup artists dream about.

Most expensive beauty products

Read on to see how much some of us will invest to achieve a luxurious look…


La Mer—Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream $2,060

For that price tag, you better see some astonishing results with this cream! The scary part is that when you purchase this 16.5 oz. pot you actually save $2,805! I can’t even believe I just wrote that sentence…

This product boasts it can make your skin “appear virtually ageless” so maybe it’s worth a shot if you ever win the lottery!

Dior—L’Or de Vie La Cure Vintage $2,200

For just 3 oz. it’s a hefty price to pay in the name of beauty. We do appreciate the packaging, though. The bottles are “sealed with gold string and white wax seals,” so I guess we can understand the price as long as it makes us feel like a queen. Plus, it’s a complicated process: Dior uses pressed grapes, which (apparently) are extremely “fertile” because they were grown in warmer climate. Thus, they work to renew your skin!

Oh yeah, there’s also free shipping (as if that would determine our purchase).

Guerlain—Orchidee Imperiale Black Cream $760

The “Blackimmune technology” comes from black orchid and, according to Guerlain, arms your skin against anything and everything. You’ll pretty much just stop aging with this stuff! And you better, considering the $760 price is for 50mL.

expensive makeup products by designers

Rodial—Bee Venom & Placenta 24 Carat Gold Ultimate Crème $850

Okay, so it’s hard to focus on the price with a product that has placenta in the name. But rest assured, the ingredient is actually its proteins, which have “biomimetic growth factors”. This cream also contains liquid gold, stem cells, and bee venom (which sounds like a beauty secret used by ancient queens). However, there is a big disclaimer for this product: do not use if you are allergic to bee stings!

La Prairie—Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold $660

What’s a luxury product if it’s not laced in gold? La Prairie’s serum claims to “fill wrinkles within one hour” which is pretty impressive. It does only come in a 1 oz. container, but apparently just one drop will do the trick!


Estee Lauder—Turtle Endurance Powder Compact $275

This product deserves its high-end price since the compact case is from jewellery designer Monica Rich Kosann, who sells magnificent pieces. The idea is super cute, but we’d buy it for the turtle design more than the actual makeup…

Expensive designer makeup products and expensive skincare

Chanel—Sublimage Le Teint $135

Chanel’s cream foundation is a 1 oz. jar packed with diamond powder and vanilla orchid to illuminate your skin. Chanel is a cult favorite beauty brand for everyone and you know you’re getting good quality with their products.

Also, this foundation also comes with a brush to apply which means you’re at least getting a little bit more bang for your very sizeable buck.

Cle de Peau Beaute—Refining Pressed Powder $175

This beauty product is quite audacious– it’s a whopping 0.17 oz.! In all seriousness, it must give you an absolutely flawless finish that lives up to the claims.


Jean Patou—Joy Baccarat Pure Parfum, Limited Edition $1,800

A product you’ll find on every high-end beauty list is Jean Patou’s famous limited edition parfum. What makes this product so special is the harvest—the flowers only bloom for two weeks a year and it takes almost 11,000 of them to make just one bottle! If you happen have $1,800 laying around, I’d say the work that goes into this parfum is worth the price. There’s only 50 of them made each year!

Clive Christian—No.1 Women’s Pure Perfume Spray $865

Clive Christian’s Perfume boasts itself as “The World’s Most Expensive Perfume” and it comes in a small 1.7 oz. bottle. This perfume contains ylang-ylang and vanilla. Also, the packaging is pretty awesome—the gold bottle has a crown on the top, making it royalty in the luxury fragrance category.


Mason Pearson—Extra Small All-Boar Bristle Brush $290

First things first, Mason Pearson states that animals are NOT harmed in any way for the making of this hairbrush (yay!) but that’s precisely why this brush has a ridiculous price tag. Boar hair is gentle and helps “distribute natural oils while exfoliating the scalp”. Plus, the brushes are handmade in the UK.

Ever owned a hairbrush that comes with a warranty? Now’s your chance!

Most expensive beauty and makeup products from designers

Most of us will only ever dream of trying these products, but it’s fun to fantasize! The reality is that there are beauty products within anyone’s budget that can provide great results and make you feel pampered. And hey—If you do have the cash to spend on these expensive beauty products, share them with us…please?

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