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With the year drawing into a close, and being well on my way to completing the last unit of my QC Makeup Academy Master Makeup Artistry course, I’ve been thinking a lot about my makeup artistry goals for 2017 and how I can achieve them.

There is something so great about a new year and all that it can bring — especially if you want to dive into a new career that you really love and are excited about!

Getting myself out there

My first goal is to get out there and do some makeup artistry jobs! Whether it be prom makeup or bridal, I really just want to gain some experience and get my name out there. I’ve already set up an Instagram account dedicated to my makeup artistry (I would definitely recommend doing this if you haven’t), but I also want to create some business cards and maybe even a website. I just want to do as much makeup as possible! Another thing I’d love to do is have a stall at a bridal fair to advertise my makeup artistry. Bridal is an area that I have always loved and wanted to pursue. There’s something so lovely about being a part of someoneโ€™s special day!

Building your makeup artistry kit

My makeup artistry kit

To achieve my first goal, I’m going to need a makeup kit! So another goal of mine in the coming year is to build up my makeup artistry kit with brands and products I love and trust. When it comes to building a makeup artistry kit, a lot of people think that you need to buy everything straight awayโ€”but that’s really not the case. All you need is the bare bones to get started. The rest you can build on as and when you need!

Hands-on experience

My next goal is to get a job on a makeup counter. I think this will be a good experience for my makeup artist career as it gets you doing makeup on people as much as possible and can really help you improve on speed and accuracy with a makeup application. You also get the opportunity to work with different products and learn what you like and what you don’t!

Inspired makeup artistry

Learning new skills

My last goal is to keep on learning! I would love to learn more about Special FX makeup as I think I have a lot of room to grow and improve in that area.

I would love if you guys left a comment with some of you goals for the next year! QC Makeup Academy has inspired me so much over the last year, and I can’t wait to get out there and make my dreams happen in 2017!

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  • Sarah says:

    Great article Amber..

    My goals for 2017 is to complete my masters course and sign up with an agency to gather as much work and experience as I can.

    My dream is to work on TV shows and movies as a makeup artist, and generally show everyone the skills I have and to grow and continue learning through my journey of being a makeup artist

  • Misha K. says:

    Great goals for the New Year Alison! Thanks for posting! This gave me some things to think about also.

    Best Wishes

  • afra says:

    very nice

  • turfa tehmeed says:

    your goals are really great good luck for makeup artistry journey ahead!

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