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Sometimes you just have to get back to basics.

Victoria Beckham recently sat down with Vogue to discuss her new makeup line with Estée Lauder. Luckily for us, the former Spice Girl also shared her “Five-minute Face” and dished her best tips on how to get stylish fast.

In this post, we break down 5 quick beauty looks that require only a few minutes and a few products. So, if you’re a time-pressed bombshell, don’t worry. We got you covered.

Ready for Monday

Jumpstart your week with a minimalist look that requires almost zero effort. A barely there look is perfect for running to class or to work. You want to look healthy and well-rested. Plus, thanks to this timesaving look, you won’t have to worry about hitting the snooze button a second time!

5 quick beauty looks

Skin: After your skincare routine, even out skin tone with a lightweight foundation or moisturizer (reduce shine with a mattifier or oil absorbing pressed powder).
Eyes: Boost your lashes with lengthening mascara. If you’re really quick, a light neutral eyeshadow or illuminator applied in the corner of eyes will wake you right up.
Lips: Swipe on some lipgloss.
Brows: Groom your brows with a foolproof brow gel.
Face: Blush or bronzer is a good idea if you feel washed out. Go lighter with the application.

The Go-Getter

Network in style with a sophisticated look that showcases your unbeatable work ethic. Get an email about a last minute interview? Create a low-key yet professional look by quickly using products to enhance your best features. The goal is to look put together, but not overdone. So be bold yet polished and you’ll soon be the ‘one to watch.’

5 quick beauty looks professional

Skin: This time even your skin tone by using a primer and going with a fuller coverage foundation (remember to mattify). Use a concealer if you need it.
Eyes: Try a soft smoky look by blending plums and charcoal. Follow with eyeliner.
Lips: Go for a full lip but nothing too loud if you’re doing a dramatic eye. You don’t want your features to compete. You can go for impact with your lips as well, but make sure your
application is flawless. Sometimes a blood red lip and understated eye is all you need to make a statement.
Brows: Clean arches will give you a polished look. Use a pencil or angle brush and powder to fill in your brows. Usually this step is done after applying brow gel.
Face: Contour lightly with bronzer, blush, and highlighter to finish it off.

California Girls

Unleash your inner beach babe with this quick beauty look. Just wake up with some questionable hair and not sure what to tackle first? Scrunch up your hair and rock some sexy bedhead. Then grab a few products and prepare to transform yourself into a (pretty much) effortlessly cool surfer girl.

Glasses side image
Skin: Even out your skin tone with a dusting of power foundation. If you’re breaking out, cover with concealer. The idea is to let your freckles shine through.
Eyes: Keep your eyes understated. If you ARE actually on your way to soak up some sun, use waterproof mascara.
Lips: A juicy looking lip is going to bring out the island girl in you. If you’re pale, go with a warmer, more golden shade.

Face: The fun part. Use bronzer, highlighter, and a touch of blush to pull off that sun kissed look. Like you need a reason to check out The Little Black Book of Bronzers from Too Faced Cosmetics…

Romantic Knockout

This look is perfect for a first date. Long lashes, luscious lips—shake up your date by using products that emphasize your natural beauty. But add a twist off your choice. An unexpected lip colour, or eyeshadow palette that will showcase your killer features and daring style.

Quick romantic makeup look

Skin: This time perfect your base with a medium coverage foundation. Prime and mattify if you need to.
Eyes: Do an eye that you feel comfortable with. Or pick something that pops—maybe a bright jewel toned lid? You’ll feel extra flirty with lashes amped up by volumizing mascara.
Lips: Go with your favorite moisturizing lipstick/gloss/tint to plump up your pout. Go for a softer lip colour if you’re going with a bold eye. Or try a deeper berry color to give you a just-bitten look.
Brows: Make sure they’re groomed.
Face: Mimic your own natural flush with a sexy blush.

Fresh Faced Fitspiration

Yes, it’s a pain to work out. Yes, your roommate is forcing you to tag along. NO, you don’t have to look like a sweaty hot mess just because you are perfecting your plank. The best part of this look? You won’t have to fake your glow!

fresh face beauty tips

Skin: Let your pores breathe! Your skin is going to love some time off.
Eyes: No blending required! Use a lash separating mascara for definition.
Lips: Keep it simple. Use a great moisturizing lip balm.
Face: Stock up on oil blotters and a facial spray.

If you HATE going anywhere without foundation, you don’t have to skip it. BUT keep your full coverage products for Saturday nights and go with something lighter.

There are so many products now on the market that work to beautify your skin as you wear them:

Tinted Moisturizer: For diehard MAC girls, Studio Moisture Tint should be your go-to.
Color Corrector: Many have age-defying benefits.
Beauty Balm Powder: Perfect your skin while you minimize pores.

For more timesaving tips, check out QC’s latest post on the Best of the Best Makeup Products from our very own in-house Beauty Experts.

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