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Although it’s safe to say that taking bad makeup photos isn’t at the top of any girl’s bucket list, we think there’s a market for it—because really, there’s a market for everything these days. Sometimes having stunningly clear photos that show off the bright pops of color in your eye makeup isn’t ideal! We can all be amazing makeup photographers if we felt like it, but it really takes a special talent to be the worst.

Do you want to be the very worst? Like no one ever was? Well keep reading to find out the 6 worst ways to take makeup photos.

1. Layering filters

kelvin filter Instagram how to take worst makeup photos

The more filters the better. Think about it: what’s your favorite thing about the fall season besides the return of the pumpkin-spiced latte? Layering! Fall fashion is defined by the layering of clothes, so why shouldn’t this extend into the digital realm too?

If you’re posting your photos on Instagram, why not start off with the “Kelvin” filter for that untreated jaundice look, and then stack on the “Sutro” filter to darken everything and add an ominous feel. They say fear is one of the strongest emotions people respond to, so we welcome any filter that makes our photos look like a frame from The Blair Witch Project.

2. The paparazzi flash!

Heading out to brunch with the girls and want to capture your makeup look-of-the-day? Do yourself a favor and stay away from natural lighting! Close the blinds, run into the basement, hide under the covers—do whatever it takes! The golden light from the sun will make you look too much like an otherworldly goddess, and who wants that?

If you really want to make a statement, use the flash on your phone instead! It’ll make your skin look harsh and cold—like a corpse who’s risen for Sunday brunch. What’s a more inspiring story than that?

3. Taking the photo head-on

head on photo for worst makeup photo
You’ve got nothing to hide! The whole point of photographing your makeup is to show the world what you’re made of, so why not be daring and snap all your photos like you’re confronting the camera head-on?

Emulating the pictures from your passport or driver’s license will bring authenticity to your shot. Your photo will scream realism! Don’t buy into that mumbo-jumbo about taking photos on angles or following the rule of thirds. Sure, these techniques can add visual interest, but if that’s what your photo is all about, why not throw up some jazz hands and call it a day?

4. The front-facing camera

Most phones come equipped with a camera these days, so why not use it? The lower megapixels coupled with a poor light sensor will make your camera pictures look like you actually took them using a potato. The low-resolution tuberous-magic of this method will undoubtedly land your photo into the popular images feed on Instagram.

The closest cousin to the “airbrushed” look is the “blurry” look—it’s the poor man’s method of making your skin look blurred out and therefore flawless. You can’t argue with that logic! So the next time you want to take a makeup photo, put down that fancy DSLR your mom gifted you for Christmas and make use of your front-facing camera!

5. Overexposure

Remember the Myspace days? It seems like just yesterday when we would take every photo from the above-the-head angle with the face slightly tilted to the side. The photos would then been adjusted so that your facial features are all but wiped out from over-exposure. Those days have long gone, but maybe 9 years is enough time for a #ThrowbackThursday?

How do you know when a photo is overexposed? Well, the photo looks so bright that shadows are virtually erased and fine details are washed away. By having that much exposure, you can really make the highlighter on your cheekbones stand out, to the point where it’s almost blinding!

overexposure makes worst makeup photo ever

6. The background details

As a makeup photographer, bringing out the little details in your photos is a part of the job. We already established that the little details on our face should be blurred out to get that flawless look, so let’s shift our focus to the background!

When it comes to the background details, the busier the better. Having a cluttered backdrop will not only make you look like a busy gal, but those extra pops of colors and lines in the background will draw the eyes all around the frame. The more that’s going on, the longer people will stay to dissect your photo, right? If you want to kick it up a notch, why not casually include a dirty diaper in the background? It’ll make you more relatable even when you’re trying to take a professional photo—trust us.

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