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Trend Alert: Korean Beauty Products

Want to take your beauty routine international without the expensive plane ticket? Korean beauty products have been popping up everywhere lately. It seems like a new product emerges every month and everyone goes into a frenzy. With big retailers such as Costco and Sephora jumping onto the bandwagon, this trend is here to stay!

It’s not just all hype and no substance. K-beauty products are some of the most innovative makeup and beauty products in the market right now. Still undecided? Here’s a run-down of why we think Korean beauty products shouldn’t be overlooked.

What do Korean beauty products do differently?

Skincare: Famous for their 10-step daily skin routine (seriously, there’s 10 steps), Koreans take skincare VERY seriously. Maintaining a youthful glow is one of their top goals, and they’re owning it.

Okay, but who actually has time for 10 steps of skincare?

Innovation: Top Korean beauty brands are known for their innovation. The Korean market is super competitive , so they’re always coming up with new products that give consumers the most bang for their buck.

The adventure factor: Their target consumers aren’t afraid to experiment a little. So you’ll definitely see some products you wouldn’t normally find in the western market.

Eco-friendliness: Companies know that unpronounceable ingredients don’t hold much sway with the public, so they focus on making eco-friendly products with natural ingredients.

Natural beauty products

Versatility: Why buy two products when you can get the same results with just one? Top selling products often have two or more different functions.

Holy Grail Products

Because these products are becoming more and more famous, you don’t have to search far and wide to find them anymore. In fact, a quick search on Sephora will bring up over a hundred Korean makeup and skincare products. With so much to choose from, what should we be looking for? Here are some must-have products from around the net:

Strange, but we'll give them a try!

Koreans are more experimental with their beauty products. It’s no surprise that some strange concoctions have rolled out onto store shelves recently.

Did we miss one of your favorite K-beauty products? Let us know your top picks in the comments below!

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