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Hello 2016! A new year means new makeup (of course!) for testing out new trends. This year, mix things up by ditching some of the old essentials and experimenting with bold new styles, right off the runways!

IN: Blue Eyes

Bold blues were all over the runway at New York Fashion Week this year. Of course, bringing it into your own makeup routine is a whole other matter. Good thing blue is such a versatile color—we recommend keeping a few options on hand to suit your mood. A smoky navy is a little more subtle, but for the days when you’re feeling over-the-top try a few swipes of bright cyan liner to really stand out.

OUT: Mascara

For many women, mascara is an everyday staple—and that’s the problem. It’s become way too expected for those who like to push the makeup “boundaries.” If you just can’t give it up, though, there are still a few ways to make mascara pop for a stand-out look:

Blue eyeliner and mascara 2016 makeup trends
  • Take the blue-eye trend to the next level by swapping out black mascara for cyan
  • Skip uniform thick lashes for something spiky and carefully sculpted

IN: Bold Lips

Red lipstick is a classic, but this year there’s been major agreement from designers on the shade of the year. Go for a bright candy-apple red—don’t hold back! If you’re looking for something darker, change up a deep, matte red by giving it an ombré finish.

The trick to pulling it off? Pair those red lips with an extra-clean face. Try skipping foundation for a few touches of concealer.

OUT: Hiding the Shine

Gone are the days of patting on powder to mask shiny skin—it always wears off anyway, so why bother? Some designers have even taken to playing up the shine by skipping foundation and highlighting the face with Vaseline or clear lip gloss to play up the look of having come right from a beach, a sauna, or a wild all-night party. Shine on!

If you want to embrace this shining trend in a practical way, try strobing!

Glowing skin 2016 makeup trends

IN: Get Crafty

Good news for fans of glitter—you don’t have to stop there! A glittery liner or shadow is great for a more subtle, everyday look, but if you want to step up your game for a big occasion, go all out. Designers this year have been adding major accents by applying sequins, lace, jewels, pearls and more to their models’ faces, from lids to brows to full-on masks.

Want to learn more about perfecting your glitter application? Watch the tutorial from our Pro Makeup Workshop here!

OUT: Lips-Only Pink

Shades of pink and peach are spring staples, but they’re usually reserved for the lips. Not this year! Look out for these soft, girly shades around the eyes this spring, where they add a little surprise while still keeping things pretty.

Pink eyeshadow 2016 makeup trend

IN: Freckles

You might think of freckles as part of a makeup routine—either you have them or you don’t, right? But for the un-freckled who still crave them, hope is on the horizon. This year, look out for faces sporting sprinklings of faux freckles.

Do it yourself with a liner or brown pencil—or if you’re really committed, check out a specialized kit that includes stencils for the perfect natural look.

OUT: Heavy Contouring

At least for everyday looks, you can wave goodbye to excessive contouring. Special occasions, photo shoots, and stage looks are one thing, but from day-to-day there’s no need to go slathering on so much makeup. Instead of completely covering everything up, use your makeup to highlight your best features.

That’s not to say you should steer clear of anything bright and showy—absolutely ride the blue-eye wave or go for that candy-apple pout. But when it comes to your face, clean, healthy skin is better than a heavy layer of makeup.

What Do YOU Think?

Are these “ins” really here to stay? Do any of the “outs” have you heartbroken? Surprised that something you expected to see didn’t make the list? We want to know! Tell us what you think of this year’s upcoming trends, and make your own predictions about what 2016 will bring.

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  • Sunandi says:

    Unfortunately for them I think black Mascara is here to stay.. I don’t think it will really ever be fully “out”

  • Kim says:

    Im surprised theyve made 2 main features want to stand out…but loving the idea of glitter…and candy apple red! How bout glitter lips!

  • Melissa says:

    I’m heartbroken by the contouring how ever they did say heavy so I can go light on the bronzer:)

  • Shelia says:

    I’m disagree with the mascara trend I believe we will always have it. It’s either that it false lashes. Which I love but not everyday. I do agree with less foundation and better skincare. I am a shiner so finally I can breath with the new trend.

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