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Freelance makeup artistry is a great option for those who enjoy organizing their own schedule and trying new things. If you prefer a fixed schedule and steady pay, however, working for a makeup brand at a cosmetics counter or boutique might be the best option for you.

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking no matter what industry you work in. Makeup artists can prepare for meetings with top makeup brands, however, by networking within the industry. Speak to professionals around you who are willing to help! Ask them:

  • Which cosmetic brands they’ve worked for
  • What kinds of questions the employer asked in their interview
  • Which skills the company valued most in their employees
  • The first things they were taught by the company after being hired

You can also adopt several valuable qualities in preparation for interviewing with any reputable makeup brand. Certain traits are highly regarded by all different cosmetic companies. Having the following skills already under your belt will make you an asset for the makeup brands you interview for.

Here is a list of what top makeup brands look for in their employees. How many of these characteristics can you display confidently in your next interview?

Young woman interviewing for top makeup brands

1. Experience

Having relevant experience can mean different things when it comes to working for a top makeup brand. Some companies prefer that you have experience in sales and customer service, but are willing to train you in product knowledge and technique. Others prioritize employees who have practical makeup skills and a thorough knowledge of their specific products and brand.

Makeup artists who have worked their way up through the industry to build a professional career are often well regarded by top brands. Makeup artists who have completed formal training and become certified, however, are usually a makeup brand’s top pick!

2. Product knowledge

Professional makeup brands train new employees regarding the company’s products. Usually, however, brands expect that you’re at least familiar enough with makeup that you know what each product is. This knowledge makes it easier to teach you the unique features of a brand’s own cosmetics.

Some brands hire beginner makeup artists, but they’ll prefer you if you already have good product knowledge. They’ll be especially impressed if you have experience using their cosmetics specifically.

3. A desire to learn

Makeup artistry is always changing. Trends go in and out of style and products evolve to suit what’s “hot” right now. Make brands look for employees who are willing to learn something new every day. Whether it’s how to create the latest red carpet look for a makeover client or how to get a classic eyeliner wing with a new type of gel wand, top makeup brands want employees who are excited to expand their knowledge. They want to see that you’re willing to evolve along with your art and industry.

4. Determination

Representing products and serving clients isn’t always a walk in the park. This is especially true if you’re new to the industry or working for a brand whose products you’re still learning about.

Top brands look for employees who are determined to do well even if they’re unsure. They’ll be impressed to see that you have drive and that your passion for what you do outweighs any insecurity you might have while you learn.

Woman working for a makeup brand learning new products

5. Initiative

Makeup artistry is a free-thinking, independent industry. Professionals work as a community, but artists who are self-starters do especially well. Makeup brands look for employees who will take initiative when it comes to learning, seeking help, approaching clients, and becoming part of their team.

If you need help, ask for it. If you have an idea, speak up. You don’t want to act out of turn, but you do want to show that you’re a pro-active person who is ready to work and improve.

6. Creativity

Top makeup brands know that makeup is an art! The employees they’re most interested in are creative people full of fresh new ideas. Many makeup brands function as a collaborative team, looking for feedback and innovation from each member no matter how new.

Present your image as professional but unique and use any requests for portfolio samples as an opportunity to show off your creative spirit as well as your technical skills.

7. Good communication

Working as a team, helping clients, and representing a brand all require great communication skills. Top makeup brands want to see that you can speak clearly, convey information concisely, and listen well.

You’ll be expected to communicate effectively with your team members, your clients, and your employers during each shift. Make sure that you listen carefully to each question you’re asked during the interview, make eye contact when people address you, ask a lot of questions, and speak with confidence.

8. Friendliness

Shopping for makeup or getting a makeover should be positive and fun. As a brand representative, you’re a part of each client’s experience. Makeup brands look for employees who can balance professionalism with friendliness and approachability.

Friendly woman working for a makeup brand

Clients should feel comfortable asking you questions and seeking help from you. Give your interviewer a sense of how personable you are during your meeting. Smile!

9. Style

Makeup artistry is a constantly evolving art, and the industry changes along with it. Employers are looking for makeup artists who keep up with the latest trends and know how quickly styles change each season. At the same time, they want to see that you know which styles are timeless. You can show interviewers your personal style right away by attending your interview looking professional but with a trendy twist, or more classic with a sense of subtle glamour.

10. Patience

Any job that involves customer service and close attention to detail requires patience. Reputable makeup brands are interested in employees who are kind and helpful to clients. They also want to work with people who are willing to invest time and effort in learning and perfecting each technique down to the finest detail.

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Top makeup brands consider their employee’s makeup knowledge and skill during hiring, but there’s more to being hired! Successful candidates are prepared to help clients, become product experts, and represent the company to the best of their ability.

Do you have experience working for a top makeup brand? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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