So you’ve got your makeup artistry certification. But are you really a makeup pro? Clients rely on your makeup expertise when you create a look for them, but many of them will also go to you with their own personal makeup questions.

Take our quiz to find out if you’re truly a makeup know-it-all—or if it’s time for a little bit of review!

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  • Whood Altelmisani says:

    What order should these products go on?

    this question was tricky some how, I my acknowledge for the answer that concealer preferably to be applied after the foundation to control the quantity of the concealer specially on the dark areas because some foundation could cover some of the skin imperfections.

    • lizzy says:

      first i though u need to put primer then foundation and then concealer but it says no they said the correct order is primer then concealer

  • noelle says:

    tightlining is actually is putting eyeliner on the upper water line not in between your lashes XD

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