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Creating stylishly trendy makeup looks for teens on special occasions can be the most fun a makeup artist has all week. Teens are also a hugely profitable demographic! “Sweet 16” parties, proms, graduations ceremonies, dance recitals, and pageants are all events that teens want to look and feel their best for.

Hiring a makeup artist is exciting for teens. Many have never had their makeup professionally done before. Both the teens and their parents, however, often have very specific criteria in mind when they’re researching professionals.

Here are the 7 top features teens are most interested in when it comes to hiring a makeup artist. How do you measure up?

Teenager hiring a makeup artist

1. A public portfolio

Teens preparing for milestone events and special occasions want to look their best.

They’ll be far more excited to work with makeup artists who can show them pictures of their work. If a reigning pageant queen can see the flawless makeup you’ve given titleholders in the past, she’ll be thrilled to hire you.

She’ll also be able to show her parents the high quality of your skills to convince them that working with you is well worth the price.

Pro Tip: When marketing to teens, always keep in mind that their parents are probably going to pay for your services. You’ll want to send a message that appeals to both audiences!

2. A good social media presence

Teens are social media experts. You can target the teen demographic effectively by making good use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

These platforms are where teens get a large portion of their information. Social channels also allow your followers to interact with you and ask questions without making a solid commitment. Teens and their parents will appreciate the convenience of being able to get all the information they need, see samples of your work, and get a sense of your personality before they’ve even had to call you.

Teens browsing social media

3. A great knowledge of trends

Nobody knows what’s “in” right now better than trend-following teens. They’ll want to work with makeup artists who can give them the most popular looks from TV shows and magazines.

If your blog features reviews of the awesome new lipstick color Kendal and Kylie Jenner were photographed wearing last week, or your blog has tutorials on how to properly strobe and create the perfect liquid liner wing, you’ll be ideal teen makeup artistry material.

4. Affordable pricing

Teens who are paying for their own makeup services have probably been saving from their allowance or part-time job. They’ll want to see prices that indicate quality but are still affordable.

For those whose parents are chipping in, affordability is important as well. Parents want to help their kids look and feel great for their special occasion, but they won’t want to pay luxury wedding-day prices for a two-hour prom dance.

Your prices should be applicable to the service you’re charging and the products you’ll use. Giving a prom queen a little bit of foundation, eyeliner, and lipstick won’t use as much product or take as much time as creating a complicated avant-garde look for a high fashion runway, so price accordingly.

5. Great combination packages

Offering unique service packages is beneficial for the client and for you. Teens can choose which services they want most while you profit from combining services for better pricing deals and bigger contracts. Try creating packages that might appeal specifically to:

  • Birthday girls
  • Prom-goers
  • Pageant queens and competitive dancers who need extra long-lasting makeup and might be interested in airbrush makeup
  • Groups of friends for birthday parties, proms or “girls’ nights out”

Applying airbrush makeup to teen

Bundling services and offering discounts for groups of friends makes getting professional makeup easier, cheaper, and more fun for teens. It’s also a chance for you to make extra profit and network with additional new clients.

6. Extra services

Do you also style hair or do nails professionally? Offer your extra services at a discounted rate to teens that book you for makeup!

Clients might be excited about the idea of getting their makeup, hair, and nails done all at once. Parents taking care of the bill will be relieved to have one easy payment to a single person rather than multiple appointments at different places all in one morning!

Put your versatile skills to good use.

7. Personal style and friendliness

Clients like working with professionals they can identify with.

This doesn’t mean that you have to dress like you’re 16!

Just keep in mind that teen clients probably aren’t looking for a makeup artist who wears couture business suits and speaks with the detached formality of an educated professional. Teens are looking for an artist who has a cutting edge sense of fashion, is easy to get along with, and who wears the same popular makeup trends they want to see on themselves.

Keep your image and your brand fun, stylish, and accessible to target younger markets.

Professional makeup artist at work

Get excited!

Working with someone who has never had their makeup done professionally can be a fun experience! Teens are often open to creative ideas and excited to see the final product. You’ll feel great knowing you helped make someone look their best for a special occasion, and maybe even created a fellow makeup lover along the way!

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