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Having a solid, professional makeup kit that can accommodate any client’s needs is pretty much every makeup artist’s dream.

Does your client want a glitter look featuring all the colors of the rainbow? No problem! Or maybe they want that amazing lipstick color they saw on their favorite beauty vlogger’s channel? Done. You have the exact product.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

But the reality is that makeup is expensive, and accumulating all the products you could ever possibly need as a makeup artist is next to impossible. That’s why getting discounts on makeup products and supplies is important to many professional artists. Being able to save even a few dollars can add up, allowing you to get more items with the money you’ve set aside to invest in your kit.

Check out some of our tips for getting your hands on as many professional products as you can, but for less money!

Sign up for a pro discount

Many professional cosmetic brands offer an exclusive discount program to working makeup artists—and sometimes makeup students too! Signing up usually requires you to provide some sort of proof of your professional status, like a business card or website address. Or if you’re currently studying makeup, you’ll need to prove you’re a student.

The discounts tend to range anywhere from 10% to 40% off, and in some cases even more! QC students and grads have access to a whole bunch of makeup discount programs with companies like Frends Beauty, OCC, Inglot, Urban Decay, and more! See here for a complete list of our preferred partners.

Makeup artist getting makeup discounts online

Subscribe to your favorite brands

Be the first to know when your favorite brands have sales by subscribing yourself to their newsletter. Being on their email list, and not just following them on social media, will ensure you get updates right away, whereas Facebook updates can skip your timeline and Twitter announcements can easily be missed.

Getting updates from your favorite brands is not only useful for receiving makeup discounts, but can also keep you up-to-date on the latest products, trends, and techniques in the industry!

Use blogger discount codes

More recently, cosmetic brands have been realizing the potential of marketing through popular beauty bloggers and vloggers. Brands can directly reach their exact target market by providing beauty gurus with special promo codes to give to their huge following base. So why not use that to your advantage?

Follow your favorite beauty experts you trust on YouTube, Instagram, and even Snapchat to get updated on these discount codes. Just make sure that your favorite guru is someone you feel is honest in promoting a brand or product they actually stand by, and not just doing it for the compensation they receive from the sponsor!

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Discover outlet stores close by

While some of the best makeup discounts available require you to purchase online, you might also be able to score some great deals locally! Check online to see if there are any outlet stores nearby that offer discounted products. If there’s one not too far, it might be worth a look!

Being in the store gives you the advantage of seeing the makeup in person and will give you a better idea of whether you’ll like the product or not. Purchasing online can sometimes be a guessing game of what the colors will actually look like in real life or whether the quality is good. Plus you can do a huge makeup haul and save money on shipping!

Woman shopping at outlet store for makeup discounts

Regardless of where or how you purchase makeup for your professional kit, always ensure that you’re buying from reputable companies and that your information is coming from trusted sources! Some websites may advertise top-of-the-line products at a hugely discounted rate, which might be a red flag that the products are not authentic. Always do your research and ensure the makeup you purchase will be safe for you and your clients.

Would you like to learn more money-saving tips to build up your professional kit? Read Building Your Makeup Artistry Kit on a Budget for more tips!

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