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We’re all about beauty here at QC Makeup Academy, whether it’s makeup or hair—we’ve got you covered! Today we’re sharing our own summertime hacks using some of our favorite beauty products.

Check out these summer beauty products we simply must have handy for summer!

Revlon Photoready BB Cream

Revlon’s Photoready BB Cream is the perfect addition to my summer makeup routine. I purchased this product in a darker shade than my normal skin tone at the beginning of summer in anticipation that my skin would tan throughout the coming months. I mostly use this product to mix with my regular, higher-end foundation (at a 1:1 ratio). It keeps the coverage light but still evens out my complexion, all the while protecting my skin with SPF 30. Applied using my beloved Beauty Blender, I get flawless, summer-ready skin!

It’s easy to get your hands on this product, as it’s available at most drug stores and even some grocery stores that sell beauty products. It’s an inexpensive way to keep up with your changing skin tones throughout the summer and makes your expensive foundation last a whole lot longer!

-Ana, Marketing Team

Revlon Photoready BB Cream

Josie Maran Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil

I’d be happy in a dramatic face of makeup every day, but I find it hard to wear in the summer. I’m very fair and as soon as I step into the sun my face turns red no matter how much sunscreen I apply! My sunburns do fade to tans, but my tans fade quickly and the cycle repeats the second I’m back outside. It’s impossible to keep up with foundation matching, so I skipped summer makeup completely for years. Then one summer I discovered Josie Maran products. Their argan oil base is natural and hydrating and each product smells amazing! Testing my way down their product list, I found the Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil in Everlasting Honey. This is a tinted stain that gives the cheeks and lips a subtle but long lasting glow of color. I actually bought it on a whim to give a nervous Sephora employee confidence on his first shift. I was makeup-less that day because I was awkwardly burn-tanned, so I was shocked to see the stain brighten up my whole face and give me a healthy glow rather than a strange tinge. I wore it every day that summer and the natural oils in the cream soothed my cheeks and made my lips feel soft. I’ve been wearing it ever since!

This product needs to be shaken before use because the oil separates from the tint and is messy if you squeeze it unmixed, but it’s one of my very favorite products, especially in the summer. It costs $18 at Sephora and on the Josie Maran website and for me, its ability to give me a perfect glow no matter how little makeup I’m wearing or how awkwardly I’ve tanned is worth every penny!

-Courtney, Marketing Team

Argan oil summer beauty products

Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder

The one product I cannot go without during the summer is Make Up For Ever’s HD Pressed Powder. It gets extremely humid here at summertime, which is a nightmare for anyone with oily or combination skin. This translucent powder goes on top of your makeup to mattify the skin and make sure everything stays in place instead of melting away! It’s also sheer enough that you can do multiple touchups throughout the day without looking like you have makeup caked on to your face.

Added bonus: it has been developed for use with HD media, so it does a great job of filling in pores and fine lines to make your skin look naturally flawless—even from up close.

-Jaime, Student Support Team

Magic Bun Maker

My foam Magic Bun Maker is my go-to summer beauty product this season. On a hot summer day, it’s great to have my hair out of my face and keep my neck nice and cool. The Magic Bun Maker is made with lightweight foam and wires inside to help it stay in place. It transforms my ponytail into a perfect ballerina bun every time. It’s a cute summer-do and super easy to do!

Magic Hair Bun for Summer Beauty Products

  1. Place your hair into the opening of the foam
  2. Clamp the wire shut on your hair and slide the Bun Maker to the ends of your hair
  3. Twist it upwards and roll your hair back to the top
  4. Wrap the bun maker downwards into a circle to secure it
  5. Slide your hair around to cover and hide the overlapping foam closure
  6. Secure your hair at the bottom with bobby pins or a clip so the bun stays closed
  7. Tuck away any stray hairs with bobby pins or U-pins
  8. …And Tada! A perfect ballerina bun for summertime fun!

You can purchase these magic foam bun makers at Amazon, Ebay or AliExpress.

-Corina, Marketing Team

Tell us! What are some of YOUR favorite summer beauty products? Share with us in a comment below!

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