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Are you thinking about taking the Airbrush Makeup Workshop to add to your makeup artistry services and are curious to see how the airbrush machine works? Or perhaps you’re already signed up but not sure how to take the first step and get familiar with your new machine? MAC makeup artist, Jamie Smith, is here to help! Follow along with her as she demonstrates the set-up, shares some easy tricks to help you practice, and shows you how to clean up afterwards. You’ll be sure to fall in love with this airbrush machine!

Check out Jamie’s Airbrush Machine Tutorial

Signing up for the Airbrush Makeup Workshop gets you QC’s very own airbrush machine. This includes the compressor, airbrush gun, tubing, and power cable—all wrapped up in some seriously pretty packaging! We’re also throwing in 5 foundations and 4 additional colors for mixing.

Key points to remember when setting up, practicing, and using your airbrush machine:

  • Before anything, read through the manual for safety tips and full instructions
  • Ensure your tubing is securely attached to your compressor and airbrush gun
  • Make sure your tubing is not tangled
  • Do not touch the needle in order to avoid breaking/bending it
  • When you turn the machine on, make sure air is coming out before releasing makeup
  • Clean the airbrush after use using the appropriate solvent
  • When using the solvent, spray it through until it becomes clear
  • Practice doing rows of the same sized dots on paper or on your arm

Above all, get to know your airbrush machine and practice, practice, practice! In no time you’ll be using it like a pro.

Want to learn more about the Airbrush Makeup Workshop?

Check out a course outline here!

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  • Deborah T Wolff says:

    Awesome! What an interesting demonstration! It came out soooo soft, beautiful and professional! I would love to use an airbrush! Great for going out for an evening, or anywhere!

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