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Hey guys!

I hope you’re having a wonderful week and an awesome summer! Today we’re going to be doing something a little bit different. We thought it would be cool to pick an assignment where I didn’t do so well and redo it following Nathan’s feedback. I LOVE bridal makeup so I picked Assignment D4: The Look is Trendy!

I have to say bridal makeup is my favorite makeup of all! We, as makeup artists, play such a big part in each bride’s special day. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a couple of real brides already and it’s a super exciting and emotional experience.

For this assignment I could pick any trendy bridal look I wanted, and since we’re used to always seeing natural and soft bridal looks, I decided to pick a dramatic look. Smokey eyes and a smokin’ red lip!

This is the look I chose for the assignment: see it here.

After sending in Unit D, Nathan’s feedback for the assignment was good overall but he did mention that I pulled back with the smokey-ness in the eyes, and also mentioned the fact that I didn’t use a red lip! Duh! I don’t know what I was thinking using a wine/burgundy lipstick!

So I decided to redo my assignment and go all out with the smokey eye and of course, add a red lip.

Have a listen to Nathan’s feedback from Nichole’s Unit D of the Master Makeup Artistry course

Check out the before & after!

Bridal makeup for online makeup course

Get the look!

What do you think? If you liked this second look, check out the video tutorial I made for you guys!

This is my first video tutorial EVER so I really hope you like it! Until next time!

Big hugs,


An important part of your online makeup course is to take your tutor’s feedback into consideration and have another go at it. Honing your skills as a makeup artist means practicing, and practicing some more! See here if you’d like to learn more about how online makeup training can work for you.

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  • Esther says:

    I love the look and what a wonderful job on your first video! Do you plan or have a YouTube channel?

    • Nichole says:

      Hi Esther!! Thank you so much! I’ve gotten such good feedback from you guys that I’m going to start making more videos! Subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss them! 🙂

      • sophie rosewell says:

        I’m looking to do this course and your re entry has shown me that I shouldn’t be afraid to not quiet get it right but to keep trying and listening to advice, thank you for sharing

  • Nathan Johnson says:

    Well, aren’t you brave to share your feedback–positive and negative! I am very impressed!!! Now, I think it goes without saying that this new submission is actually so spot on with the original image you sent. This is how you deliver a trend to a client requesting one!!!!! This is amazing!!!!! The blending of that smokey eye is delicious! And you added all the drama that you had left off! And that red lip–luscious….and those cheeks, don’t even get me started, perfection.

    Now this is a perfect example of the growth that can come when you really listen to your feedback and try things again. Gosh, seeing this made my day. I am SO PROUD of YOU! brilliant!

  • Kim says:


  • Davia Gorman says:

    I love you your post..good job…..I was wondering how did you become lucky enough to become a student ambassador anyways?

  • Caroline Harrison says:

    I actually love both the before and after. Great job!

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