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For many people, becoming a makeup artist is something they choose to do as soon as they discover their passion for makeup and creativity. For others, the choice comes later, after other career paths and years of consideration. The beautiful thing about makeup artistry, however, is that it’s never too early or too late to begin learning professional techniques. As long as you can hold your brushes, see the details of your work, and remain willing to learn, you’ll be prepared to at least take the first steps on your journey toward professional makeup artistry at any age.

Practicing to become a makeup artist

“Am I too young to become a makeup artist?”

When it comes to learning basic techniques and building a solid foundation for professional training, the answer to whether you are too young to be a makeup artist is a firm no! Any person with a passion for makeup should feel free to begin practicing, no matter how young. In fact, the younger you start learning professional techniques, the more time you have to improve upon and explore your skills.

It is true that most cosmetology schools and makeup artistry institutions require you to be at least 18 to attend their school or be accepted into their program. There are many, however, that understand that makeup artistry is a passion often discovered at a much younger age. As a result, some programs will accept students as young as 16 as long as a parent or legal guardian is willing to sign an official consent form giving them permission to enroll. This is the case here at QC Makeup Academy!

In states that require licensing, you are most often required to be at least 18 in order to take the test and become legally licensed. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t begin your training earlier. Some states will permit you to become licensed at a younger age as long as you can provide proof that you have completed professional training.

Researching online to become a makeup artist

If your local area won’t permit you to start professional training or become licensed until you are 18, don’t be discouraged! There are countless online resources available to help you begin practicing basic techniques and improving your skills. Search YouTube for makeup tutorials created by reputable and professional makeup artists and use these as a guide. Research different products and read reviews about various brands to learn more about your tools and products. Most importantly, practice! You can even build a small portfolio to present to the schools you apply to later. You won’t be able to accept payment for doing makeup on your friends and family, but they make great models if they’re willing to volunteer their time. The more experience you have with basic makeup skills, the higher your chances of being accepted to your program of choice will be when you are old enough to qualify.

“Am I too old to become a makeup artist?”

As long as you are passionate about makeup and willing to learn new things, you are never too old to become a makeup artist! In fact, many makeup artists start their careers after years of working in other areas, raising children, or debating whether or not they can fully commit to the art. For some, this is actually beneficial to their career because they have already achieved other goals, reached personal and professional milestones, and are prepared to devote their full attention to learning makeup. Older beginning makeup artists have also had the time to practice their fundamental skills in advance and gain relevant life experience that might make them attractive candidates for the programs of their choice.

applying makeup on client

Cosmetology schools, makeup artistry programs, and licensing boards have no age limit when it comes to seeking professional training or becoming legally licensed. As long as you are able to perform the physical functions required to apply makeup, you are not cut off from seeking training or a license because you reached a certain age.

Get practicing!

Regardless of your age, pursuing your passion for makeup artistry is worth your time and effort. You should never be discouraged when other people question whether you are too young or too old to become a makeup artist. Makeup is the type of art and the type of industry where professionals are constantly learning and growing, no matter their age or experience level. If you have the dedication to develop your skills from basic to advanced, then you have the potential to excel no matter your age!

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a professional makeup artist, check out the courses here at QC Makeup Academy!

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  • Rosalind says:

    Thanks for this small article I still want to attend makeup artist school in the next couple of years. I am going into my Fifties. I was just wondering about going back to get more training.

  • Robertine says:

    I am 15 and I want to really get practicing on becoming a makeup artist. It’s nice to know I can take this next year. I have a question though can I take the course only through the summer months as I am still a student going to school full time

    • Ana Scholtes says:

      Hi Robertine, thanks for your comment! The beauty of our courses is that they are self-paced, so you get to decide when exactly you study. If you wish to study only during the summer months, you’re certainly able to do that! 🙂

  • Fleur says:

    This has helped me so much in learning when I can start actually doing make-up professionally. I’m 13 and I cannot wait until I am the legal age. Thanks

  • Versia says:

    I am 15 and I love to become a makeup artist wish I could show my God given talents

  • Martine says:

    I am 11 and every day until I am old another I am going to practice my makeup so I can be a makeup artist

  • Suparna says:

    I want to have be A makeup artist and my age is the 17 am ai able to do this?
    I want to know the whole procedure after 12th
    Will you please help me?

  • Rebecca says:

    Hi I’m Rebecca.. I want to be an makeup artist. This is my life’s wish and I want it to be achieved… I’m 18 now and since I have my classes of degree.. can I reach evening classes.. is it possible to study and work as an MAKEUP ARTIST..#lovemakeup #lifegoals #makeupartist

    • Celina Feng says:

      Hi Rebecca, you can absolutely take our courses! Our courses are 100% online and self-paced, you can start our courses at any time. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] 🙂

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