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At an early age, my mother introduced me to the wonderful world of skincare. Around bedtime, we would meet in her bathroom and she would apply cleanser and creams to her face and mine. To this day, I cherish the memory of our ritual and I have stuck to it ever since. All these years later, when I compare myself to others in my age bracket, I realize just how much it was worth the (minimal) effort.

If, at this point, you are wondering why I am going on skincare, allow me to explain. It was a love for skin that brought me to makeup. In taking care of my own skin and making recommendations for others, I found my path to makeup. A path that always highlights beautiful skin. Your clients will not only see you as a resource for all things make-up, but they will also see you as a resource for all their skincare needs as well. Now, I am not suggesting that you run out and become an esthetician unless of course, you want to, I am simply suggesting you make the knowledge of your skin type and others, an active area of interest.

You don’t need to know every product under the sun. You just need to have a basic knowledge of the skin types and you’ll easily be able to guide your clients to products perfect for them. Here is a basic routine you should consider trying. And it is a perfect one to recommend to a new client.

1. Cleanse

First, everyone needs to cleanse his or her skin. Dirt and debris collect on our faces even when we don’t leave the house. For combination and oily skin, a gel cleanser might be the perfect option to lift away the debris and excess oils. For normal, dry, and sensitive skin, a cream cleanser will clean the palette and leave skin fresh and hydrated.

2. Exfoliate

Second, I recommend that you and your clients exfoliate your skin at least every week. When dead skin cells build up, they make mature, dry, and normal skin look dull. When the excess cells mix with the sebum on oily clients, it is a recipe for pimples. A great exfoliant will solve both issues in a jiffy. Also, with the dead cells gone, the products that follow will absorb better.

3. Face Masks

Masks are a great, targeted step, but most people skip these. Personally, I know that a mask loaded with vitamins and soothing agents will take a week’s worth of stress off my face, so I try to relax in one at least every other week. If you, or your client, are oily or acne-prone you will want to choose one that is clay-based to help pull the debris out of the pores.

4. Tone

A great toner can do a lot more than just suck more oil off your skin. I choose and recommend spray toners. These have ingredients that are combined to target the needs of each skin type and condition. As an added bonus, they help your moisturizer absorb better.

5. Moisturize

If you have normal, sensitive, or dry skin, you know the power of moisturizer. But often, those with oily skin believe this is a step they can skip. How wrong they are. Oily skin is the result of excess oil. A light hydrating moisturizer gives the skin water, which it needs, not oil. So it can actually help to regulate oil production. It is all about knowing the skin types and making the right recommendations.

6. Sun Protection

The last thing I am going to mention is paramount. You and your clients have to wear SPF every day. It is the only thing that can truly slow aging. Whether it is in the moisturizer or separate, be sure it is something you impress on yourself and others.

A huge part of our job is to educate and be a resource. The more you know about your skin, your own, and others, the better equipped you will be to guide your clients. And the better advice you give your clients, the better their skin will look when they come to you for make-up. And I am sure you know, the better the skin, the easier our job!

This was just a taste of the world of skin and care routines. Tell me what you know about skin; how you care for it and let me know what else you would like to know.

Keep your skin glowing all year round with these quick and easy skin care tips!

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  • Lucy says:

    Hi Nathan, you might remember years ago everyone used Noxema to cleanse their face? Well I grew up in the 60’s and untoward. As I got older and read about the face and taking care of it, and also having gone to Wilfred Academy School of Beauty, I realized that Noxema was just not enough. Through the Academy and classes at the NYC Makeup Show, QC Academy, etc, I clean my face and maintain it firm and supple by doing all of what you suggested but also by having a little glycolic acid peel once a week. Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Exfoliating wipes are awesome! I then use a serum, Nip+Fab no needle Fix, and lastly, Sephora’s face moisturizer with an SPF of 15. I don’t know if they make a 30% SPF, that would be great! , Thank you, as usual, you know your stuff and I appreciate and devour every single word you write! Looking to read more from you!

  • Sharon says:

    Hi Nathan, my skin type is combination, my T zone is a little oily and my cheeks are some dry but not flecky. What would you recommend for me to be my daily routine? I always been a fun of oil of olay beauty cream for ever but now they have so much that I’m not sure what to use. I’m in my early 40’s , latina. Please can you give me a couple of suggestions. Thank you in advance.

  • Anna P says:

    Thanks Nathan! Can you please please include some product suggestions for this article and in in the future for articles and videos! This would be fantastically helpful!

  • Nathalie Rosenblum says:

    I swear by these steps. They kept my ultra dry skin youthful, and very bright. Once you start to commit to ALL of these steps, they become associated with a (personal spa time at home).. my skin became so much better after I committed to all these steps..Thanks Nathan

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