There was a look posted on the QC Facebook page that featured a cut crease and an angled lower liner. I decided to recreate my own version of the eye using different colors to create a softer look. Here is the finished look…

Follow along with this step by step tutorial for the perfect cut crease:

  1. Start with a clean, primed eyelid. Apply a pink/gold shadow all over the lid.
  2. Blend a dark brown shadow into the outer corner, softening into the crease.
  3. Take a smaller tapered brush and drag the dark brown shadow in a fine line along your natural crease. Soften and blend up towards to brow. This is called a cut crease technique. What we have created today is a soft cut crease. To make your cut crease more pronounced draw a very dark distinct line through the crease with a smaller brush.
  4. Deepen the outer corner by blending in a black shadow into the very outer edge.
  5. Take a makeup wipe and carve a sharp, defined line out of the shadow.
  6. Apply liquid liner to the upper lash line. Take a fine point liner brush and create a mirrored reflection of the liner on the upper lash line. Soften and blend down.
  7. Take a white liquid liner and accentuate the two winged lines you have created by applying it between them, using outward strokes.
  8. Apply mascara and lashes and there you have it!

Since I used a pinky gold shadow as my base I chose to finish the look with a soft pink lip and cheek. When wearing such a bold statement eye, you don’t want it to get lost among bright brush and a dark lip. I chose to make my eyes the focus by playing down the rest of my features. I highlighted my face using something with a gold undertone to complement the eye!

Hope this helped you guys out and you were able to recreate this look yourself! Let us know about your success and advice in the comments.

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