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As promised, here’s the second cat-eye look you guys loved from the Facebook page! This look would be perfect for holiday parties, especially New Year’s Eve. It’s super smoky and sultry, but it’s still a cat-eye. What makes it different from yesterday’s look is that it’s not all about definition. It features a smoldering sexy eye and a pale nude lip.

Here is my version of the look in a step by step tutorial. Follow along with me!

Step 1

As always, start with a clean, primed eyelid.

Step 2

Start building your smoky winged look by packing on a black shadow and blending it into a cat-eye shape.

Step 3

Soften the edges of the look with a blending brush and a little bit of light grey shadow.

Step 4

Apply a brow highlight (I used a matte cream-colored shadow). Blend it down into the light grey blending shadow.

Step 5

Apply a liquid liner with a wing matching the same shape as the shadow. This step is not necessary but I find it adds a little definition to the look.

Step 6

Apply a very thick full set of lashes.

Step 7

Apply multiple coats of mascara on the bottom lashes. Don’t be afraid to create a somewhat clumpy look—it works well with this look!

Step 8

Apply a nude lip liner all over the lip to neutralize any natural redness in the lip. Then apply a pale pink lipstick on top. I used Creme Cup by MAC.

There you have it! An easy and quick smoky cat eye, sure to be a show stopper for any night-time event or holiday party. Give it a try yourself!

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