Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial, Part I

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Recently, the nine looks below were posted on the QC Facebook page. Everyone seemed to absolutely love look #5 so I decided to recreate it for you! As the lower lashes aren’t quite visible in the photo, I decided to create what I think works well with this look. Stay tuned to The Blog, because tomorrow I’m going to post a cat eye makeup tutorial for another one of the popular looks below.

QC Makeup Academy facebook photo: nine cat-eye makeup looks

Here’s my version of the look, step-by-step. Follow along with me!

Learning Makeup Artist Brittany Halls's Cat-eye look in five steps

  1. Start with some creamy neutrals as your base. Use cream or white on the lid and brow to highlight, and a soft pink or brown in the crease.
  2. Apply a liquid liner across the lid at your desired thickness.
  3. Create an extension of your lower lash line into the beginnings of your winged liner.
  4. Connect the tip of the wing to the top of the line you have created on your upper lash line.
  5. Fill in the gap and apply mascara and false lashes.
  6. Apply a white liner on the lower water line. Be sure to avoid smudging it onto your lashes as we want to apply a clean line along them afterwards.
  7. Use a flat, thin liner brush to apply a brown eyeshadow along the root of the lower lash line. This will give the illusion of bigger eyes!
  8. Apply a light coat of mascara along the lower lashes, keeping it clump free and clean-looking.
  9. Apply a red lip and away you go! This is a great look for this time of year, whether it be for a Christmas party or a night out with the girls!

Here’s a closer look at this fabulous cat eye/red lip duo:

Learning Makeup Artist Brittany Hall's Cat-eye Makeup look Final

Hope you all enjoyed this step-by-step tutorial and were able to create the look yourself with ease. Make sure you check back in tomorrow! We’ll take the drama up a notch with a dark and sultry cat eye look.

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