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If you want to take your makeup artist training to the next level, there are few in this industry better capable of guiding you than Nathan Johnson. While there are many amazing things that set QC Makeup Academy apart from other makeup schools (both online and in-person), Nathan’s expertise and genuine love of the craft definitely rank near the top of the list!

He is an industry professional who not only knows his stuff, but also truly cares about each and every one of QC’s students and graduates!

makeup artist training by Nathan Johnson

From the incredible instruction he provides throughout QC’s online makeup classes, to the support he gives in the Virtual Classroom and the amazing monthly webinars he hosts – Nathan is the embodiment of a true beauty expert, whose makeup knowledge is only outmatched by the size of his heart!

Another way he goes above and beyond in his mission to enhance our students’ makeup artist training is through his Tuesday Tips! Each week, Nathan films a short clip, in which he reveals useful tricks to help you better your makeup artistry skills. On Facebook especially, this segment – aptly called “Nathan’s Tuesday Tips” – had grown wildly popular!

In this monthly blog series, we gather these Tuesday Tips so we can share them with you here! Missed our previous installments? No worries! You can find them here:

Today, we’ll take a look at another 6 of Nathan’s most valuable beauty hacks. Want to add to the knowledge gained in your classes and take your makeup artist training to the next level? Then you don’t want to miss out on these gems!

Tip #1: The secret to getting a more natural blush!

“Want a more natural blush? Try cream! It gives a beautiful glow from within – and it’s also an awesome way to tint the lips.”

Tip #2: The right way to highlight!

“Use highlight only on the bones you want to accent. Putting it everywhere, or in too many places, will take dimension out of the face – not add it.”

Tip #3: Achieving crisp, clean foundation!

“Want to keep that foundation crisp and clean? Try applying eye makeup first! No fall-away means perfect, crisp complexion.”

Tip #4: What “full coverage makeup” really means!

“Full coverage does NOT mean heavy makeup. It means more pigment in the makeup. Foundation, when perfectly applied, should always be invisible. You should see the results of it – but you shouldn’t see the product! Heavy makeup is nothing more than heavy makeup.”

Tip #5: How to transform your lashes!

“Are you dealing with scrawny lashes? Try dusting the lashes with a little translucent powder between the coats of mascara! The mascara will grab the translucent powder, resulting in lush, thick, and beautiful lashes.”

Tip #6: Creating your own, custom lip gloss!

“Want to try out your own, custom lip gloss? Try mixing your favorite loose pigment with some petroleum jelly! Voila!”

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