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Interested in some fun St. Patrick’s Day makeup looks that are still wearable AND glamorous? We’ve got you covered! Put your makeup artist training to use on more than just your clients – give yourself a well-deserved, festive makeover.

Don’t have professional makeup artist training? Don’t worry, this article is just as much for you, too! While the best way to become an expert MUA is to take courses offered by accredited makeup schools, you can still have some serious fun with these looks!

Who knows? Maybe you’ll get inspired to take the next step and make a career out of your passion!

1. Smoky green eyeshadow

The best thing about this option is that there are SO many ways you can play with it. You could go for a a nice, emerald hue over your lid, blended out from the crease with a dark black. In fact, the color(s) you choose to add with this green smoky eye are endless! Violets, grays, and browns are also killer accent colors. But there’s plenty of room to get creative, so feel free to play with other colors, too!

Pro tip: If you’re trying to go for a more St. Patrick’s Day-inspired look, a great color you can pair with the green is gold. Gold liquid eyeliner would look absolutely fierce on a green smoky eye!

But maybe you want green to be front and center; the star of the show. This can also be just as wearable, if you’re wanting an everyday look. Playing with different green pigments can create a beautiful, harmonious look – without being too much.

If you want to be a little extra with it? Add some glitter to your lids, and finish off the look with a killer set of falsies! Smoky green eye makeup can be as drastic or as subtle as you want it to be. That’s what’s so awesome about it! It’s flexible; able to match whatever vibe you’re trying to achieve.

For a more wearable look, a seriously gorgeous tutorial that we recommend is Manny Mua’s olive green smoky eye. If you want something that focuses more heavily on an all-green result, this tutorial by cflowermakeup may be more up your alley!

2. Green eyeliner

You can incorporate green into your eye makeup without going crazy with the eyeshadow. Green eyeliner is another, more subtle way to have a festive, wearable St. Patrick’s Day look that still offers some POP!

There’s also plenty of room to play around with the look you want. If that’s something simple, it can be as easy as a liquid green cat eye with a natural set of falsies (or even just mascara). If you want to be a little more dramatic, you can also first use black liner and then outline the liner on the upper eyelids with a green liner.

Another possibility is working the green into your lower lash line. A nice, natural lid on top (with a subtle peach or light brown eyeshadow blended into the crease), topped with dark lashes and a soft, shimmery green along the bottom lash line can make for a killer look!

A great tutorial that demonstrates this type of look can be found here, on Indigo Moon Artists’s YouTube channel.

3. Green mascara

Most of us tend to stick with the classic brown and black mascaras. But a whole new world can be opened up to you once you start playing around with different colors! Shiseido, for example, offers an emerald green mascara that will leave you absolutely shook.

Of course, adding a green mascara to green eye makeup will take your St. Patrick’s Day look to the next level. But you can even just frame your eyes by applying green mascara to your lashes, and then call it a day! It wouldn’t be competing with any other makeup, so it’d still be the focus. But it would also be subtle enough to not be overpowering.

Green mascara can be a quick and effortless way to have a wearable look that still gives a nod the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day.

4. Green lips

If you REALLY want to embody the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, try pairing a bold green lip with a golden-based eye look. The eye makeup here can be as simple as a gold eyeliner or cat-eye. It can also become bolder with a regal, golden smoky eye.

But green lips can also be the focus of the whole look, too! You can strike a quirky balance of natural-meets-festive if you keep your eye makeup simple. Even just going over your lashes with a few coats of mascara and leaving it at that can look very pretty in contrast to a bold green lip.

You can make the look as drastic as you want, though. When in doubt, adding glitter is always a sure-fire solution!

Here is a stunning every-day green lip look by Evelina Forsell. If you’re planning to hit up a St. Patrick’s Day party and your motto is “go big or go home”, then maybe Terrika Jahniece’s tutorial will be more to your liking!

The best way to hone your makeup skills is…

Like we said before: proper makeup artist training from legit makeup schools! There may be some of you reading this who love the ideas these recommendations are giving you, but have no idea how to actually execute them.

Yes, practicing regularly is definitely going to help you improve. There’s no reason why you can’t get started on that right away!

But if you love makeup and are considering making a career out of it, your single greatest option is to learn the foundation of makeup from a trained, working professional. They’ll be able to teach you not just how to apply makeup, but also makeup theory, which equally as important.

Then you’ll be able to look at tips like the ones above, and know exactly how to flawlessly bring them to life on both yourself and clients. There’s no better time to start than now!

Use the luck of the Irish to your full advantage, and start your path to become a certified MUA today!

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