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Michele Mulkey, QC tutor, Professional SFX Makeup Artist and Owner of Michele Mulkey FX Studio, breaks down some classic looks for Halloween. From pretty to fiendish, be prepared to outshine everyone with these expert tips.

Happy Halloween! If you’re one of those people who always ends up going to a costume-party last minute, this post is for here.Β Here are some last minute makeup ideas that are a new twist on some old favorites! Designed for everyone from the experienced makeup artist to someone just starting out, these four make ups are sure to be the talk of the party!

1. The Vampire

Who doesn’t love this classic monster? The Vampire is the seductive villain of the horror world. To create amazing Vampire make up, start off with paling out the face in a smooth even tone. Next, use some blue eyeliner to trace the veins on the neck and into the face area. To enhance the demonic look, you can use a black or dark grey eye shadow around the eyes.

SFX makeup vampire look for Halloween

If you want a more seductive look, create a smokey eye with some false eyelashes. Buy some fake fangs to apply to your teeth with just a touch of fake blood around the corner of the lips. Use a deep red lipstick, topped with a shiny gloss to finish off the lips. To add to the Vampire look, you can add in some very long fake nails. If you want to give this make up a very demonic look, you can first apply a Vampire brow prosthetic before applying the previous makeup.

2. A Mermaid

This is always a fun make up look to apply! A Mermaid look will turn heads as soon as you walk into the room. Start by applying a light shade of blue to the face and neck. Then come in with some lime green makeup or eye shadow to contour the face. Once you have used the green to contour the face, you can apply a glitter gel to the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.

mermaid makeup look is a classic for halloween easy special effects makeup

For the eyes, blue, purple or green eye shadows compliment this make up very well. Add on some false eyelashes to finish off the eyes and a deep green lipstick for the lips to finish the look. Adding extras like gills or scales will take this makeup to the next level as well. But don’t just stop with the make up! Adding some sea shells to the hair will put the finishing touch on your Mermaid look!

3. The Undead

With shows like The Walking Dead and Z Nation, zombies are still a popular (and FUN!) Halloween make up choice. zombies can be as gory as you want, so this is a great make up to use injury prosthetics to push the limit from “Ewww” to “AAAHHHH”! There are many different color schemes you can use to create a zombie, but one that is a sure win every time is to pale out the skin with a gray color, adding in purples, greens and yellows around areas where you want your decayed skin/wounds to be.

zombie makeup look with latex, fake blood for decaying skin illusions - SFX makeup artistry

Apply some black make up around the lip area and the tip of the nose to help the illusion that your flesh is decaying away. Now, you can’t have a zombie without lots of blood, but you don’t want just your regular red blood. Mix some black make up into your blood to create a uniquely zombie look. Finishing touches like contacts or a fake hand or foot will finish off your zombie make up.

4. Sugar Skull

This is another fun make up choice for Halloween! But this one can be a little tricky since you will mainly be using white and black to create the look. Often times it helps to do all your black designs first and then carefully apply the white around the designs, so your black stays black and your white stays white.

sugar skull makeup look for Halloween

You can look up some sugar skull designs on your computer or create your own design. Using a black eyeliner pencil will help to achieve the precise lines and small detail work. For the larger areas, use black make up or eye shadow. Adding in bolder colors into your design will also help the final look. Sugar Skulls are fun and wild so don’t be afraid to play with your colors and design!

Hope you got some inspiration from these classic looks! Cheers!


Sick of doing the same look every year? Here’s how to add some twists to your favorite looks!

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