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QC Makeup Academy student ambassador Whitney Conn is a student in the Special FX, Airbrush, and Skincare courses. She’s also a proud graduate of the Master Makeup Artistry course. Today, we’re catching up with her to see how she’s progressing through her makeup courses and her makeup career.

To those who don’t know you, can you introduce yourself?

Hi all! My name is Whitney Conn. I currently live in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. I am a graduate of the Master Makeup Artisty course and am working on breaking into the TV and film industry. I am also a current student at QC Makeup Academy in Special FX Makeup, Airbrush Makeup and Skincare.

Can you walk us through a typical week in the life of Whitney?

Monday through Friday, I work my full-time job as service dispatch for a heating and air-conditioning company. At night, I squeeze in some time for my makeup courses. Recently, I’ve tried recently to fit some studying in during the week. But I’ve discovered I can focus the best on the weekends after a good night’s sleep. I try to shoot for 3 to 5 hours of studying a week as well as getting in a model for practice.

As for my career in makeup, that is something that I am constantly working on. Whether it is talking to people about my makeup artistry or making connections in the industry. I have no set time that I allocate for networking my makeup business—it’s an active part of my life!

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As a current student, how are your online makeup courses going?

I am currently on the last unit of the Airbrush Makeup Workshop and am working on finishing up my first unit of the Special FX Makeup course. I have started some of my Skincare course but have not dove deep into it yet. I prefer to do one course at a time to make sure that I am focused on the skills and techniques that I am learning.

What’s one career goal you wish to achieve in the coming months?

I’d like to be a makeup artist on another short film. There is so much going on in my area! I am doing research to find these short films. The short film industry has always been attractive to me. So I’m looking for any experience I can get in the field.

What’s the most difficult decision you’ve had to make for your makeup career so far?

The most difficult decision so far has been adjusting my social life to get my school work or a makeup job done. As I work a full-time job, the only free time I have is during my nights and weekends. So if I have to do makeup for a short film or a makeup client, I’d have to give up an entire weekend to do so.

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What’s one makeup technique you’ve recently mastered? What’s something you’re still working on?

I feel that I have mastered color-matching and mixing new foundation colors to match my makeup clients. It just came so naturally to me. There were times when I wasn’t sure if I was actually applying airbrush foundation because the product was the exact same color as their skin!

I’m also constantly working on eye shadow placement and blending. Every time I practice, I feel I’m getting better at it.

What’s the most memorable makeup job you’ve had so far?

I would have to say the photoshoot I did with a clothing line was my most memorable makeup job. I learned a lot on that set and still keep in contact with a couple of people from that shoot. I felt like I learned how important it is to be quick while doing a clean application. Every minute counted as the space was only rented for a certain time frame.

Do you have any advice for makeup students who have trouble finding motivation to finish their online makeup course?

Continue to work even in the hard times. You will eventually get through those days. Even if that means doing your own face or someone that you live with. Any practice is better than no practice!

backstage of a short film or tv set makeup job applying makeup as a professional makeup artist

Also, you are never alone in your struggles. There are tons of students who are going through the same thing you are. Never hold back from reaching out to talk to someone about it. That is why the QC Support Page on Facebook is there.

Most importantly, believe in yourself! You are capable of doing anything you put your mind to.

Finally, what’s the most important makeup tool you own? Be specific!

My fingers! It is the one tool I always have with me!

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