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Name: Wendy Fahey

Location: Townsville, Queensland, Australia

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Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I was born in Western Sydney. I have a background in Graphic Design and Image Editing. Ever since I was little, I have always wanted to create and design. When I was around 7 years-old, I found I had a passion for makeup artistry when I first watched The Making of Michael Jackson’s Thriller on VHS. I loved watching how they transformed everyday people into zombies and MJ into a wolf. I loved all the work that went into creating the fantasy-like scene, and I was just amazed at what could be achieved.

I love all things fantasy and being able to create these types of makeup creations is a dream.

Makeup artistry of Wendy Fahey - online makeup training student

Why did you decide to start a career in makeup artistry?

After my two girls were born, it was the one thing that took away the stress of being a mum. I finally went to get a makeover done at MAC and it was the best couple of hours as it was all about makeup and me. Right then, I thought I would love to do a career in makeup artistry, and let other people experience what it’s like to let their inner glow shine through.

I love how makeup can help the person see the beauty that is already there. I find makeup highlights areas of the face and body that we don’t normally notice in a beautiful way.

What do you wish someone had told you before starting your professional makeup training?

That I would become even more addicted to makeup once I learned how to truly use each product.

Wendy Fahey makeup student for QC Makeup Academy student feature

You’re enrolled in almost every makeup course we offer! Were you hesitant about taking online makeup courses?

When I was first looking at QC’s online makeup courses, I wasn’t sure what to do or if I could even manage to complete a makeup course while being a mum and having two kids. I looked around and what really drew me to QC Makeup Academy were the number of different courses available and the fact that I could study at home while looking after my kids.

What are your career goals?

Right now, my world revolves around my family and being there to watch my two girls go through school. All of the courses I have taken were things I wished I knew when I was growing up. I wanted to arm myself with skills, knowledge, and techniques to use with my girls as they grow up. I also really enjoy makeup, skincare, and hair styling. I am not stopping with my current courses either as I want to get into Special FX makeup and create all those creatures and fantasy characters I dreamed about growing up.

My ultimate goal is to keep growing my home business. I want to be able to offer all types of beauty services and really let my creativity flow.

How do you think QC Makeup Academy has prepared you for working in the field?

QC Makeup Academy has been amazing, even better than what I thought it would be for an online makeup school. I loved the business units in the courses as they help get you ready to start your business. I was given everything to succeed in this field. From basic skincare training to color theory and undertone knowledge to bridal, fashion and stage makeup knowledge and skills. There is so much knowledge and I’ve done so many practical makeup applications that it’s truly amazing looking back at all I have done and learned.

You also get access to a forum and Facebook groups where you can talk to other students and make great connections in the industry. I am so glad that I went with QC Makeup Academy as all the support and inspiration I received really fueled my drive to succeed.

mature makeup assignment - qc makeup academy student Wendy Fahey's work for her online makeup course

What’s in store for you in 2019?

I will be continuing on with my Airbrush Makeup Workshop, Pro Makeup Workshop, and Hair Styling Essentials courses. Maybe even adding the Special FX Makeup course. I will be helping out with makeup application at my kids’ school plays as well as starting to do some makeup tutorials and posting more of my work to social media.

Finally, what’s the one makeup product you can’t live without?

There is actually two things which I have become addicted to having, and I never can have too many: eyeshadow palettes and makeup brushes. I now just have to find somewhere to put them all…

Wendy loves fantasy makeup. Check out the Master Makeup Artistry course sample: Fantasy Makeup for a sneak peek!

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