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QC Makeup Academy student ambassador Whitney Conn is a student in the Special FX, Airbrush, and Skincare courses. She’s also a proud graduate of the Master Makeup Artistry course. In this article, she shares how she researches online makeup schools and why she took the plunge with QC!

A quality makeup artist school online will know what their students are looking for in a virtual education. When they give loads of information on multiple platforms, it gives future students an understanding of what exactly the school is all about. Choosing the right school can set you up for a bright and secure future!

I chose to do a lot of research before I decided to enroll with QC Makeup Academy. I asked many questions to find out if this was the right place for me.

Keep reading for the 9 questions you should ask before enrolling in a makeup artist school online!

woman doing independent research on her laptop regarding first steps in her career in makeup artistry

1.      Do they provide detailed descriptions of their school and makeup course?

I want to know everything I can about the school I’m about to enroll with. I look to see just how much and how useful the information they give about their course is and what their school is about. I quite enjoyed seeing QC’s mission statement. Reading this gave me a sense that they actually care and have compassion for their students.

2.      Is the online makeup course tuition page easy to find?

I researched many schools, from online training to brick-and-mortar campus institutions. If ever I came across a school with tuition costs that were hard to find, I questioned the integrity of the school.

3.      Does their executive makeup artist have extensive skills and experience in the industry?

To consider enrolling with a school that doesn’t have backing from the industry I wanted to enter was a waste of money for me. I did not want to learn from someone who had only had a few years of experience in the industry. When I found out that Nathan Johnson was QC’s executive instructor and tutor, I researched all over the internet about him. I wanted to find out where he has been and who he has worked on.

woman doing research on the right makeup school online before she enrolls

4.      Is this makeup artist school online accredited?

While some states in the USA do not require a cosmetology license, it is still important that your school has proper accreditation. Without this you have no idea if the school legitimate.

5.      Does the makeup artist school online have accessible student support services?

As students, we have a lot of questions—especially when we are just starting out. Receiving quick and thorough responses from your questions by your school is a sign of character on their part.

6.      Are there any reviews for the online makeup academy?

Knowing what others think of the school you’re considering is a great way to get insight you may not otherwise have. This will give you a side only seen by those who have completed and experienced the courses.

7.      How active is the makeup school on social media?

Student support can come from many platforms other than just straight email communication. As the school kept an active social media presence, it showed me that they were dedicated in making sure their students were informed and taken care of.

Research outside their website - see if they have any professional makeup artists as graduates

8.      Are graduates from the makeup school online currently working in the industry?

Find out if there any graduates who have made a name for themselves after their studies. After much research, I found that there were QC Makeup Academy graduates in all sects of the makeup industry. You never know where their courses may take you.

9.      What is your gut telling you to do?

After all the research was done, I had to listen to my gut. I felt that QC Makeup Academy was exactly where I needed to be because that was where my gut was leading me.

Take your time while researching. Ask all the questions that will give you the proper information to make an informed decision. If all else fails, message the school. Remember to keep shooting for the stars and to never give up on yourself.

What other questions did we miss? Let us know in a comment!

Want to start doing your own research? Find out what QC’s popular Master Makeup Artistry course is all about!

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