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This article was written by guest writer, Melissa Lobo. Before becoming the Associate Content Director for Project Female, she was a journalist specializing in topics related to women in politics and policy affecting women.

Today’s makeup artist industry is more competitive than it was. There have been a growing number of makeup professionals servicing clients. New makeup products are regularly introduced to the market to cater to a wider variety of consumers. As a result, the demand has been increasing. Lipsticks, foundation, eyeliners, and anti-aging creams, are all the rage for one simple reason—everyone wants to look and feel good.

As a makeup artist, it’s important to always be updated on the latest industry trends. The best in the industry are not only skilled in makeup application, but also in suggesting effective skin care solutions, among others. Specialization is also important as clients also want artists who can give them value for their money. Diversify your skills and have an edge over your competitors!

You can capitalize on your skills and knowledge in makeup artistry by honing your skills in five areas that will bring in more business for you. You’ll also be improving your craft!

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1. Build Your Social Media Portfolio

We’re well into the digital age now. People don’t check the yellow pages for ads if they’re looking to hire a makeup artist for their next event. They’ll search online, usually browsing through Instagram or Facebook to check profiles of makeup artists then choosing those they like.

Post your portfolio so your potential clients can see how good you are. Create a witty hashtag to improve your branding. Invite your friends and former clients to like your pages or accounts. Encourage your clients to post testimonials of how good you were when you serviced them.

If you get more people to talk about you online, you’ll build an online buzz and others will want to try out your services! It’s a win-win! You get to create a collection of your past works, and at the same time, you can increase your reach to potential clients.

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2. Create Your Own Content on YouTube

Arguably the most popular video streaming site, YouTube has an average of around 1.5 billion monthly users. And 70% of this massive YouTube traffic comes from mobile views.

Using YouTube as a platform for showcasing your talents gives you the opportunity to increase your potential monthly audience. With your knowledge and expertise as a makeup artist, and by adding a little creativity to your video content, you’ll  stand out from the crowd!

You can cover practically any topic related to makeup! You can educate your viewers on the makeup profession, review beauty products, list the best hair salons in your area, recommend the best natural skin care products, and so much more.

Your knowledge in proper makeup application will make your content legit, as you have experience with working with wide ranges of skin tones, features, and flaws.

If you’re looking to earn some extra income from YouTube, you can reach out to companies for sponsorships – also known as affiliate marketing. When your viewers value your opinion, a recommendation could help increase the company’s sales – and you could receive a commission as well.

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3. Selling Beauty Products/Cosmetics

If you have an entrepreneurial talent, you can buy beauty products that you love wholesale and sell them directly to your friends and family. You can even create an online store to cater to an even bigger market. Social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook have features to cater specifically to online sellers. This makes it easier for them to promote their products online.

Another option is to join with a direct-to-client-sales company, such as Avon, Younique, etc. You can use this opportunity to not only sell products, but to showcase your makeup skills through lessons or makeovers.

4. Participate in Makeup Training and Demo Sessions

This is a great way to advertise your skills and to reach out to potential clients through networking. You’ll meet new people outside of your circle! Especially those you don’t normally socialize with or don’t have the chance of associating with.

Most well-known beauty brands sponsor activities in malls to build a new or existing product line. Use this opportunity to expand your brand’s publicity by conducting a series of demos, so the public can have a glimpse of your skills. Plus, these are potential clients you might not have met otherwise.

launching own beauty brand melissa lobo

5. Launch Your Own Brand

Starting your own line of cosmetics is probably the hardest and riskiest in this list. However, it also has the potential of being the most rewarding. Before starting your makeup line, you will have to finance it, conceptualize your products and your brand, build your team, and devote a lot of time and effort to making it a reality.

With the trend shifting to a preference for “natural”’ skin care products, you can build your product line to cater to this growing demand. You can also target your products to features or skin tones that currently do not have many products that cater to their needs.

With your existing network in the beauty industry, you’ll have a foot in the door.  With your good reputation and loyal clients, you will be able to use and recommend your products to jumpstart your cosmetic business.

If you’re passionate about your profession as a makeup artist, then just keep trying. Persevere. Things won’t always go your way. But use every occasion as an opportunity to learn and to improve.

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