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QC Makeup Academy Student Ambassador, Whitney Conn, talks about how she is continuing to work towards her goals as a makeup artist! Whitney has been working as a makeup artist part-time and has some serious experience in the industry!

Hello beauties! Today we are going to talk about how I am working towards my goals as a freelance makeup artist. There have been some bumps in the road and new discoveries that I would like to share with you. I will be telling you a bit about my journey and some advice I have for all of you reading this article. Let’s get into it!

Expanding Your Skills

I admit that I come back to this topic often as a reminder to myself and others of how important it is to keep learning. Expanding your skill sets can take you to the next level of your artistry. The makeup industry is rapidly changing, and we have to keep up with it! Though foundational skills generally stay the same, it is important to keep in mind of what trends are current.

The expansion of your skills set will also allow you to find what sets you apart from others. Unfortunately, there are so many makeup artists out there that have the same end goal as you do. What makes you different? What makes you stand out that a client would want to hire you over someone else? I am currently on the hunt for this answer for myself. By taking other makeup-related courses, I discovered that I truly enjoy airbrushing! It has been on my bucket list of things to learn for a long time.

Mixing Mediums

Similar to expanding your skills, I have also expanded into the “crafting world” to better my artistic expression. It’s interesting to think how this would fit with my makeup skills. For example, I have recently invested in a craft cutting machine. Seeing the need for stencils in my airbrushing course made me want to have a simple way to create more in-depth makeup designs. I’ll now be able to create multiple layers of stencils with different colors to add depth to certain applications!

Keep it Current

While considering what path I want to go in with my makeup artistry, I know it is important to keep all of my accounts and websites current with my work. While I have not been working as much as I would like to, I try to keep an accurate account of applications I have done. Whether on social media, in your portfolio or on your website, keeping your work up to date will show potential clients or employers what your abilities are! I have also considered rebranding my services to be a better reflection of how I see myself as well as to send a clearer message to my clients.


Everyone has a different way to reach his or her goals. When I feel like I don’t know where I’m going, I choose to take a step back and refocus; clearing my head to redefine want to achieve with my makeup artistry. I’m currently on an artistic pursuit to find what my calling is. Having new skill sets has opened my mind to different choices for my future.

Make a Plan of Attack

Plan it out down to the tiniest details. Knowing where you are going is half of the battle! Then you need to plan on how you will get yourself there. At the end of the day, being a makeup artist is a business – you need to have a business plan to keep a clear picture of how to achieve your goals! Once I find out where I’m headed, the first thing I’ll be doing is setting out a plan of attack to get myself where I want to be.

Remember to breathe when you go through these times of self-discovery! There is no right or wrong way to get to your goals – it’s about what works for you. Allow yourself to have fun in the process. Work hard and never give up on yourself. It will always start with you putting yourself out there. You never know what you will be able to achieve if you just believe in yourself! Self-doubt is a killer of dreams so keep cheering for yourself even if you are the only one. Keep shooting for the stars.

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