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Learn how QC Student Ambassador Stephanie Wyatt creates an ocean-inspired look! Covering special effects makeup and glam, you can learn so much from Stephanie’s video!

Watch the video or read below to learn how to do this stunning look!

Let’s Recap…

Stephanie starts by prepping and priming her face with the Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion from The Body Shop. Then she uses a craft glue stick to place her brows down and define the shape. She wanted her brows to be defined in their natural shape, but you could, of course, reshape yours or cover them completely!

Once she has shaped her eyebrows how she wants for the look, she takes her Maybelline Fit Me poreless foundation and applies it all over her face with a beauty sponge – even over her lips and eyebrows! Using the same foundation, she applies more over her eyebrows to make them a little bit lighter. Having lighter brows will make applying color later in the tutorial easier!

Next, Stephanie takes her Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer and applies it under her eyes, on her nose, on her chin, and in her t-zone area. Also, use your concealer to cover up any blemishes! After she has applied the concealer, she is using her Laura Mercier translucent powder to set her face.

Once the powder is applied, she uses her QC Contour Kit to contour her cheeks, temples, and jaw line. She suggests using a warm, golden powder.

Onto the brows! Using the QC 88-Shade Mixed Matte and Shimmer Eye Shadow Palette, she applies a cool, bright pinky-purple to her eyebrows. She goes for a flatter and thicker shape with her brows for this look. To add more color and dimension, she uses an Urban Decay shimmery purple liquid lipstick on her brows. She finishes her brows by brushing them out and cleaning up the shape.

She then brushes away some setting powder and powders the rest of her face again. Stephanie uses the shade Luna from the QC Highlight Palette and applies quite a bit. She really wants to add a shimmery glow to this look. She applies it above her brows, on her cheekbones, and down her nose. To add even more shimmer (lots of shimmer in this look!), she uses Makeup Revolution’s Mermaid’s Heart highlighter in a blue shade to highlight the same areas again.

For the eye shadow, she uses a blue-grey shade from the QC Eye Shadow Palette on her lid. She then moves on to an aqua shade and applies it in her crease. Once she has blended these out, she goes back in with her Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer on her lid to add a base for the rest of the shadow and really make it pop. On top of the concealer, she uses a shimmery cream shade and off-white. She applies the same purple she used on her brows to the outer corner of her lid. Stephanie then uses a shimmery blue in her crease, aiming for a cut-crease style.

Using Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner from Collection Cosmetics in Pow!, she lines in her crease and wings it up about two-thirds to the outside of her eye. Stephanie brushes NYX white liquid eyeliner onto her lashes instead of using black falsies. She then uses the same product to create a white winged liner.

She goes back in with the same purple shade (used on her brows and in the outer corner) and applies it under her eyes. Using the blue eye shadow again, she goes over her contour to cool down the look.

Don’t worry; Stephanie is going to add even more glitter! She applies some aloe vera gel to the inner corner of her eye, and uses her finger and a detail brush to apply loose glitter. Stephanie says you can never have too much glitter in this look!

Bringing back the light blue highlighter from the Mermaid’s Heart Makeup Revolution palette, Stephanie uses the product under her brows.

Now onto the special effects! Using liquid latex and a makeup sponge, she applies tissue to the corner of her mouth. She keeps building on with the latex and tissue until she’s satisfied with the texture. Then, she applies Cinema Secrets FX blood over the tissue and latex. Stephanie likes to get creative with applicators to build texture! She uses a beauty sponge, cotton, and a stippling sponge to apply the blood!

Stephanie finishes off the look by using the same purple Urban Decay liquid lipstick on her lips. She over-lines her top lip to make the look even more dramatic.

What do you think of this look? Let us know in the comments!

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