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Name: Chantal Lofstrom

Location: Ladysmith, B.C., Canada


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Tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Chantal Nicole Lofstrom, I’m 19 years old, born and raised in Ladysmith, BC. I have a love for health and fitness, I love people and animals, and I have a firey passion for makeup! I started using makeup when I lost my hair to Alopecia at the age of 10. Talia Joy was my biggest inspiration at this time, and I fell in love with the way makeup made me feel. I wanted to bring this feeling to others, hence why I became a makeup artist!

When did you decide you wanted to take a professional makeup artistry course? What inspired you?

I have always wanted to start a career in the makeup industry, but I never knew exactly what kind of makeup I wanted to do. One Halloween I was playing around with some different looks and decided I wanted to make a fake cut on my arm… I used some tissue paper and glue, added foundation and fake blood, and VOILA! I had found my calling!

chantal lofstrom work before and after

Chantal’s work before (left) and after (right) taking QC courses!

I started with the bare minimum and worked with very little product. I began wanting to try some products I had been seeing on some of my favourite Instagram accounts, and this was what sparked my interest in taking some courses. I was eager to learn about different techniques and styles that SFX makeup had to offer.

My biggest inspiration was/is the idea that eventually I could be working on movie sets and helping scenes come to life.

Which palette could you not live without?

I love nothing more than a smokey eye with orange tones! I couldn’t live without my Sephora PRO Warm eye shadow palette.

How did your skills evolve while/after taking your courses with QC Makeup Academy?

While taking my Master Makeup Artistry course, it was really amazing to see how much more confident I was getting while working with clients. I learned how to make them feel more comfortable with me. I love how the course encourages you to have different models for projects, as this was a great way to work and gain experience with different people and different types of skin!

special effects makeup artist Chantal Lofstrom is a Qc makeup academy graduate

The course started with the basics, which is something that I think many makeup artists tend to stay away from once they start advancing in the industry. But it really taught me that not every makeup look needs to be full-blown glam to look beautiful… sometimes less IS more!

I look forward to finishing this course and moving onto my SFX makeup course. I wanted to save what I assume will be my favourite course for last because, you know, “best for last.” But, I’m very happy to have taken the Master Makeup Artistry course first because it helped me advance in many ways that will help with my SFX looks.

Do you have a favorite style or look to do on clients?

Smokey eyes and summery bronzed/glowy looks!

You share a lot of SFX makeup on your Instagram page. What draws you specifically to special effects?

I honestly love the way people react to my SFX makeup! It’s hilarious and it makes me happy that I can take “EW THAT’S GROSS” as a compliment! I’ve always had a love for biology and the way the human body is built, so it’s my favourite thing to have the ability to turn some wax into a broken bone, or an exposed muscle.

chantal lofstrom qc makeup academy graduate

What’s your favorite SFX look or technique to do? Why?

I enjoy doing cuts and bruises because they’re simple yet effective. Some purple and yellow eye shadow can quickly turn into a large realistic bruise and I think that’s really fascinating.

Your story about how you got into makeup is quite inspiring! Can you tell us a little more about how makeup artistry helped you after learning you had Alopecia?

When I was 10 I found a little bald patch on my head about the size of a quarter, and within about two weeks it was the size of a golf ball. Then another appeared, and then another. By the time I was about 13 I had no hair, and I always felt down on myself.

I had always watched my sister do her makeup, and so this sparked my interest once I lost my eyebrows… this was when I started watching YouTube videos and tutorials! My favorite YouTuber was Talia Joy Castellano, a 13 year old girl who has lost her hair to cancer, but was KILLING the makeup game. She inspired me to start playing around, and it quickly turned into a full-blown passion of mine.

At a young age, makeup made me feel beautiful. I loved how it helped me bring focus to my eyes rather than my bald head… as time went on it always made me appreciate all of the different forms of beauty, and it made me realize that even bald little me was beautiful! I love bringing that feeling and realization to other through the power of makeup… it will forever be a large part in who I am.

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