Quiz: Are You a Special Effects Makeup Pro?

Special effects makeup artists make this world go round! The heartbeat of Hollywood, these talented professionals work hard to make fantasy a reality. After all, they’ve brought some of the silver screen’s most famous ghouls to life.

But it’s not all play! Behind every smoke-and-mirror illusion is a skillful technique. From the rain-plastered look a heroine may sport on a wet and stormy night to imagining what visitors from outer space might look like, SFX makeup artists are trendsetters who shape pop culture.

If you think you have what it takes to call yourself a true SFX makeup master, take our quiz! We may just want to call you for our next Halloween party!

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How well do you know your way around SFX makeup? Let us know in the comments!

Alison is a blog writer for QC Makeup Academy, writing creative and engaging posts for emerging makeup artists to help them learn about the industry.

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One response to “Quiz: Are You a Special Effects Makeup Pro?”

  1. Laura Kaltenbach says:

    Woohoo 12/12 for SFX makeup pro!

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