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Feng shui is the art of creating balance and harmony to your environment. It will allow you to have a great, prosperous life with many opportunities. These same ideas apply to your beauty regimen! Having a beautiful and healthy body is a reflection of positive energy and your personal efforts to improve yourself.

How we present ourselves to the world and the products we consume impact our Ch’i. Ch’i is the universal energy that flows through everything in and around us. Our relationships with the environment and the people in our lives will change depending on the positive or negative Ch’i that moves around us. Think about it this way: if you have a positive attitude, those around will be happy to be around you as well! Feng shui is a way for us to keep us open to happiness and success.

Ready to use feng shui to amp up your beauty routine? Keep reading!

Create balance on the face

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You may have heard that symmetrical faces are the most beautiful. How you apply makeup can balance your face and decrease asymmetry!

Start off your makeup routine by focusing on the facial feature you’re most happy with. You can uplift your mood by giving it the care and attention it needs. You also won’t be at a loss if you’re running late in the morning and still want to look your best!

Some key areas:

  • Eyebrows: Your eyebrows frame your face and, according to feng shui principles, are “protectors”. They protect you from being abused physically, emotionally, and even financially! Therefore, it’s always a great idea to make sure you preserve your brows’ natural shape. If you do define them, make them darker and have an arch (but not too much).
  • Eyes: Apply eyeliner with a lighter hand as heavy liner can weigh down your eyes. Makeup that is too dark around the eyes (especially mascara) can attract bad luck and is inauspicious.
  • Forehead: According to Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong of Way Fengshui Group, covering up blemishes on the forehead can give you “better insights and attract powerful mentors into your life”. A smooth complexion is a smooth road to success! You should prevent blemishes when you can and try to maintain smooth and clear skin.

Add color to the face

Color affects our mood. If we focus on how colors influence the way we feel, we can tailor our products to bring out a certain mood. Therefore, we can actually make better progress towards our goals!

  • Lipstick: There are a few lucky lip colors. Red symbolizes energy and passion, while pinks are the feminine choice. Are you looking for a new romantic partner? Peach, linked to peach blossom luck, helps those who are looking for good suitors.
  • Blush: Having rosy, blushing cheek does more than just make you look youthful! Using pink or peachy blush can attract yang energy. Yang energy is strong, transformative, and illuminating. Follow it up with a light highlighter to get a glowy radiance.

bright red lipstick color

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Natural Products

We just talked about yang, now let’s delve into yin! Yin energy balances yang to create perfect harmony. Where yang is energetic, yin is passive and relaxing. If you incorporate lots of yang-like elements in your day makeup, make sure to balance it with yin.

Botanical ingredients in your nighttime routine taps into the yin energy. This represents relaxation which can help you unwind during the night. Take this L’Occitane foaming bath. It’s made of plant materials from France and has a calming lavender essential oils scent. It’s the perfect de-stressor and helps balance your beauty regimen!

Makeup Storage

Your makeup storage solutions are probably brimming with products if you’re a makeup junkie. You likely do a sweep and re-organize all the bottles, jars, and palettes twice a year. But, have you ever caught yourself keeping items that you hardly ever use? What about products and creams that have long passed their expiry date that you’re trying to stretch?
Our number one beauty tip is to clear out expired products! Knowing when to toss your products is not only good for your health but also your Ch’i!


Having a cramped space with expired items disrupts good Ch’i flow. Ask yourself why you’re keeping the products. If you’re keeping them because it was expensive or if it was a gift, you’re not doing yourself any favors. You risk applying bacteria-laden products onto your face after product expiration. Do irritation, inflammation, and acne sound familiar? If your beauty products are affecting your skin differently now, you may want to check their expiry date!

makeup palette storage solutions feng shui

Makeup Bag

Go ahead, clean it out! We don’t all have the luxury of buying a new one every season. But if it’s dirty and isn’t well-taken care of, it will represent your own (lack of) self-care. Clean off loose powders and remove stains. Not only will you improve your makeup storage, but you’ll also rid your makeup bag of harmful bacteria. Your makeup bag should also be lightweight with just your essentials. Purge any items you won’t use daily!
Does it make you happy?

It comes down to whether the products you’re using and whether your routine makes you feel beautiful. If it doesn’t make you happy, then why are you doing it? We often form emotional attachments to objects that don’t serve any real purpose. Keeping objects that do not serve a particular useful function to you can actually give off negative Ch’i!

At the end of the day, only you know how you feel. Looking beautiful is not the same as feeling beautiful! If you don’t feel as radiant as what those beauty products claim, chuck them!

Got any feng shui beauty secrets to share? Leave a comment!

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