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Can we agree that this winter has been just a tad too cold? Thank goodness that Valentine’s day is just around the corner to heat things up! Roses and chocolates are traditions for a reason. So is the classic red lip, winged eyeliner look. But makeup junkies everywhere are starting to get a little creative this year…

Read on for 2018s most popular Valentine’s Day makeup trends!

Purple haze

Just a quick scroll through Instagram and you can see purples dominating #ValentinesMakeup. Possibly influenced by Pantone’s Color of the Year, Ultra-Violet is center stage. We’ve seen the normal pinks, reds, and even bronze colors swapped out for this regal shade. You don’t have to go all out to try out this trend, though! Your eye makeup carefully crafted for that red lip probably looks great with fuchsia lipstick, too! Want to be even more subtle? Lengthen your lashes with purple mascara!

Purple eye makeup look for Valentine's Day

Pop of color on the lashline

Want to show off your technical skills with your knowledge of makeup history? The classic Hollywood glamour look is always a winner in our books! Bold red lips, dramatic lashes—this look has been modernizedbefore . But if you want to have some fun with it, why not make your eyes pop even more by adding on another color to the eyes.

However, heaping smoky shadows on the lid can compete for attention with red lipstick. Instead, try some teal liner on the lower lash line to add pop! If you know anything about color theory, you know that green complements red. They bring out the best in each other. If you don’t believe us, try this look out for yourself!

Heart-shaped blush

We can argue that some of the trends on this list are wearable. But this one definitely isn’t for the faint of heart! Heh, get it?

The heart-shaped blush trend has taken Instagram by storm! It’s only been a short while since the trend has gained traction, but people are getting seriously creative. You can draw and fill them in using lip liner, or use rosy blush for a diffused look. How about breaking out your airbrush machine and spraying the negative space around a heart stencil? Our favorite? Check out these mini heart freckles! How cute!

Glossy lids

This trend isn’t an easy trend to sell, but somehow it’s spreading like wildfire. Those of us who have oily lids know the struggle. Patchy shadow application, creasing makeup—the works. But now we can breathe a sigh of relief and chalk it all up to simply staying on trend!

You probably won’t stop priming your eyes, but you can follow the trend while having dark, pigmented makeup. Just do your makeup like you normally would then reach for that jar of Vaseline/lip gloss. Dab a little on the center of your lids, and ta-da! You’ve joined the ranks of many celebrities who’ve nailed the look.

Bright highlighter for Valentine's makeup look

Glittery and metallic lips

Listen up! Don’t just take the easy route and choose pink or red. We took to Instagram and saw a shift from the traditional romantic looks. Believe it or not, metallic lips are still on trend! Gold metallic lipstick is having a moment right now.

Splurging on a gold lipstick that you’re not sure looks good on you is a tall order. You can always pare down the look by applying a nice tinted pink lip balm or gloss. Then apply some gold pigment on top to get the same effect! Chances are, you probably have yellow or gold shadows on hand. Especially if you freaked out as much as we did when Rihanna launched her FENTY BEAUTY highlighters

What’s your favorite Valentine’s makeup trend?

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