If bold makeup isn’t for you, why not opt for a natural, healthy glow? Airbrush makeup’s claim to fame is youthful, glowy, flawless skin. A lot of airbrush makeup is matte, so you’ll have to make sure you add dimension! Start off by applying an illuminating moisturizer. Now, apply the foundation in circular motions! Contouring, highlighting, and blending to emphasize your natural face structure is your next step in adding dimension! Make sure to work with soft layers and a light touch. The last thing you want is for your subtle contour to make you look like a hollowed-out horror movie villain…

Pick contours and highlighters that are only a shade darker and lighter than your foundation. Remember that you can always intensify your look later on. To finish up, use luster drops or pearl highlighters to create that dewy look! The best part about these drops? Your highlighted sections are completely dry! You’ll achieve the same visual without the tackiness of some cream and liquid highlighters. Finish off with light definition for the brows and lashes, some tinted lip balm, and you’re good to go!

Smoky and sultry

model with smokey eye makeup

Contrary to popular belief, airbrush makeup can do more than just skin and foundation! Some say that if you’re just using airbrush makeup for foundation, there’s no point in learning the whole process! Here’s a secret: you can actually create eye shadow looks using your airbrush!

The best way to achieve a smoky eye without any fallout or stray lines is to use a stencil! Free-handing is just too difficult. You won’t be able to achieve precise sharp lines like the ones needed for eye-defining liner. Start off by laying down a soft base and defining the crease—these can be done freehand with a light touch. For added romance, use a light, rosy base and cranberry tones for the crease! Gently intensify the colors. Make sure that you spray out the excess colors every time you add a new shade to the gun! When you’re ready, lay the stencil over the lash line, adjust the aperture of the gun, and bring it closer. By the time you’ve filled out the stencil, you’ll have razor-sharp cat liner and darker lashes to boot!

All that glitters

glittery airbrush makeup

If you’re heading out for a night on the town, you’ll want to stand out from the crowd. Everyone is dressed to the nine’s, so there’s nothing wrong with some extra sparkle. If you already laid down a great full face of makeup (perhaps using techniques mentioned in the other two looks), you only need a couple extra details!

Applying glitter is a super easy way to bump up your look with minimal effort. You can even achieve a glitter cut-crease with this trendy technique! Simply go over the main part of the lid with a concealer or glitter shadow adhesive. If you’re using the concealer, use a brush to sharply define the edges and “cut” it out from the rest of the blended body.

You can then use a compact shader brush to pack on the glitter of your choice. (We recommend gold!)Afterwards, make sure to blur out the edge of the glitter crease with a transition shade. We want it to look sharp, but not gaudy! And presto! A drop-dead gorgeous look in under 5 minutes!

airbrush makeup artistry on model

If you plan on leaving the house in the morning with your V-Day makeup already on, why not start with the first look… then continuously build your makeup to create the other, more elaborate, looks as the evening approaches? The great news is that airbrush makeup is transfer-proof and waterproof… you won’t have to worry about taking everything off and reapplying!

What look are you going with? Let us know!

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