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As a makeup lover, you’ve probably accumulated a massive collection of makeup over the years. If you live with other people, you understand what it feels like to be constantly told to get your makeup out of the bathroom. Some people just don’t understand. This makeup is your life, your job, and, most importantly, your one true love.

It can be tempting to throw everything into a pretty makeup bag. It hides the mess and it’s a quick fix. However, when you have as much makeup as a professional makeup artist, the number of pretty bags can get out of hand. Finding what you’re looking for can also become very difficult. Especially that gorgeous red lipstick you paid big money for. It’s too bad that it took three years to find it at the bottom of one of those bags, expired and dirty.

For a makeup artist, your tools and products can be a key part of building a successful career. Being unorganized wastes time. Searching through your makeup collection looks unprofessional and can lead to unhappy clients. Here are tips for keeping you makeup kit organized and your clients happy!

Organize your professional makeup kit

1. Downsize & clean

Having an unimaginable e variety of colors and shades is simply part of being a makeup artist. There is no need to whittle down to the essentials. Having a large kit allows you to serve a wider range of clients and impress those looking for an unusual color or unique look. However, there is a need for cleanliness!

Check the expiry date on your makeup! The last thing you want is to use an old or dirty product on a client. This could leave them with a rash or another cringe-worthy skin condition. An incident like this can seriously jeopardize your career!

It’s hard to throw makeup away, no matter how small or large the amount. Each product is unique and holds a special place in your heart. Be strong! The money you think you’re saving by holding onto your older products can actually hurt your career in the long run.

Make sure you are regularly cleaning your makeup! No client wants to see you dip a makeup brush into a dirty container. This is true for your brushes as well. Clean them regularly and replace them when necessary. Although top quality brushes are meant to last, frequent cleaning and use cause deterioration. Clients will appreciate a beautifully organized and clean makeup kit. In this industry, appearance is everything!

De-pot your makeup

2. De-pot your makeup

Being ready for any client is important. But, lugging around all those products can become cumbersome. De-potting your makeup can help reduce the clutter and can make application easier. With all the shades and colors conveniently stored in one spot you can quickly identify what’s what.

What is de-potting, you ask? It is the art of removing your products from their original packaging and placing them into one compact. For pressed shadows, blushes, and foundations, the metal pans are usually removed and placed on a magnetic compact. For the few makeup brands that use aluminum pans, you can add a magnetic sticker to the bottom of the pan.

Empty palettes can be found at almost any cosmetic store or online. Check out MAC’s Pro Palettes or Sephora’s Z Palette. There are even custom palettes made specifically for lipsticks and glosses. However, you can also use pill boxes from your local dollar store as a cheaper and just as effective alternative!

While the thought of taking a knife to your lipsticks can be scary, you’ll be thankful you did it. You can also use a makeup spatula or heat to loosen the glue on some palettes. For added organization, use a label maker to name your custom palettes.

Choose the right makeup bag

3. Choose the right bag

There are plenty of makeup bag options– everything from metal rolling cases to softer, traditional bags. It really comes down to preference. Choose the style that you find easiest to pack and travel with, both locally and long distance. Packing a makeup kit for travel has its own challenges – security and exploding products! Make sure you check out these tips for travelling with a makeup kit!

Invest in a bag that has multiple compartments. A bag with a variety of pockets works too. This allows you to organize your makeup first by type and then by shade, color, or brand.

Avoid soft bodied bags. They allow for too much movement which can damage your makeup. Compacts can open and lipstick caps can pop off. This leaves them exposed to dirt and other sharp objects. Instead, go for a more structured bag that can protect your makeup properly. Also look for one lined with plastic so you can wipe it down as needed.

As a makeup artist you understand that the products and tools you use can make or break your success in the beauty industry. Treat your makeup kit with as much care and passion as you treat your clients!

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