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As a certified makeup artist, one of your biggest challenges will be building your own personal brand. You need to set yourself apart from the competition and make your name known! So, how do you come up with a great business name and logo without copying someone else?

There are a few rules to stick to when you’re building up your own makeup brand. Follow along and find out the top mistakes you need to avoid to keep your makeup business booming!

Don’t plagiarize your makeup business name

We don’t need to tell you that copying from another established makeup artistry business is NOT a good choice. Sure, you can find some good ideas and inspiration for your own brand, but there is a strict line you simply cannot cross.

For instance, changing one word in your business name from another makeup artist’s brand will not take you far. People will notice that your name isn’t original. More than that, they won’t be able to distinguish you apart from the original artist or company—that’s simply bad for business!

You’ll probably cause some friction in your local industry, as well, so let’s just stay away from copying other people’s ideas – sound good?

For logos, you also need to carefully plan out how you want to present yourself. When someone sees your logo, they should get an idea of the services you offer. Although we do love a good lipstick smear, we advise against this for your logo on one simple principle: it’s so overdone!

So find yourself a friend who’s artistic or loves to play around with Photoshop, and get some ideas flowing! Know that your first few designs will be stepping stones to your final product. As we said, building a unique brand takes time.

Avoid generic makeup business names

With business names, it’s challenging to find a good balance between telling customers what you do and being original. Something that can land your business in trouble is using a business name that’s too general, such as “Makeup Artistry Atlanta” or “Wedding Makeup Experts”.

Think about it – if someone googles this, your business won’t stand out from any other makeup artist in Atlanta. You’ll be bunched into a webpage with every other makeup business in your area, so it’s important to have a distinguishing feature. Using your name is a great idea for a brand – even if it’s a simple as “Jane Doe Makeup Artistry”, you’re making your name known in the industry!

Avoid bad logos sizes

We know it can be difficult to come up with a good name that conveys your brand in a few short words, but you need to keep it short and sweet! No one wants to say a mouthful whenever they recommend you, and the longer your business name, the less likely it is that people will remember it. Plus, you can’t fit a long business name in a small ad space or profile picture.

Sizing for your logo is also crucial for keeping your brand professional and sleek. A logo that is too busy will be an eyesore on your website and social media channels. Opt for more neutral colors, like black, white, or grey, and add a small pop of color. This will attract a wider audience to your brand, and you can still have a good level of personalization!

Pro Tip: When printing out business cards or creating advertisements, make sure your logo can be resized without becoming blurry. A blurry logo is the absolute worst thing you can do for your business! It looks unprofessional and will seem like you don’t care about your brand.

And don’t forget, your logo on your website or social profiles should be responsive to different device sizes – meaning it should change sizes without becoming blurry or pixelated. Test out your logo on a mobile device, tablet, and computer to make sure it looks great on each one.

Don’t choose bad fonts

This is one of the most frustrating things in the business world! Why choose a font where no one can read what your business name actually is? Why keep your customers guessing and confuse new clients? There’s no good outcome to having a ridiculous font for your makeup business name.

We know, we know – you want to use a fun font to convey your brand’s elegance and creativity. Here’s an idea: show off your creativity with a brand slogan or with your logo design rather than making your name difficult to read. No one likes to be kept in the dark! If a customer can’t distinguish your name, you’ll lose their business.

This doesn’t mean you have to stick with a boring font if you don’t want to. Just make sure it’s easy to read! If you’re not sure, send a few samples out to your friends and get their opinion. Friends don’t lie!

Think we missed something? Let us know your makeup business mistakes to avoid in a comment below!

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