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We know that Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet, and that we only just finished taking down our Halloween decorations, but can you blame us for being excited about the holiday season?

Value gift sets are already rolling out on store shelves and we can finally not feel guilty about splurging our hard-earned money on more makeup. Hey, you’re a makeup artist, you’re allowed to spend more money at Sephora than the average person! Just make sure you don’t write off that Philosophy bubble bath as a business expense…

Ready for our list of must-haves for the holidays? Here we go!

Eyes – Anastasia Beverly Hills: Modern Renaissance Palette

This bestselling palette created a social media firestorm that still hasn’t calmed down! When was the last time you scrolled through your Instagram feed and didn’t see a look created with this palette? Featuring a mix of neutral and bold shades in metallic and matte finishes, this palette is a lot more versatile than you think.

The holiday season (and the New Year’s celebration right after) can be a particularly glamorous time. If you anticipate your clients will want to add more glitter and drama in the coming months, go out and get this palette already!

MUA holiday makeup products

Lips – Fresh: Sugar Lip Beauty Box

Never mind the adorable tin box packaging, these minis may not look like a lot of product, but if you’ve ever tried a sample of these lippies, you know that they are Holy Grail-worthy. With six mini Sugar Lip Treatments totaling 0.42 ounces of product, you get the equivalent of almost 3 full-sized tubes for a fraction of the cost. If you plan on using these to moisture-prep a client’s lips, choose a tint that best matches the lipstick color going over it. With SPF 15, there’s no reason to skip this step!

Men – Jack Black: Unbeatable Beard

Featuring the top-rated Beard Lube, this set is guaranteed to win the hearts of every beard owner! The set contains a beard wash, oil, wax, and a conditioning shave lotion. Reviewers have lots to say about the Beard Oil’s ability to tame scraggly, disheveled whiskers. Gone are the rough and dry hairs and the flaky, itchy skin! If you’re working on a male client for an editorial look, these products help moisturize both the skin and hair while adding a nice, healthy shine to give the look of a perfectly manicured beard.

Travel – Sephora Favorites: The Ultimate Travel Bag

You’re a seasoned MUA and you know how hard it can be to narrow down your essentials for a business trip. This travel bag has the best-selling Fresh Soy Cleanser—gentle on the skin but powerful enough to remove all your makeup! The 11-piece bag also contains a Clinique moisturizer, VERB shampoo and conditioner, and a variety of luxury mists and oils. The MVP product? LAVANILA’s The Healthy Deodorant Sport Luxe! The ingredients are all-natural and make you feel fresh even after running around for hours from appointment to appointment.

MUA holiday makeup stock up products

Tools – beautyblender: Gold Mine

You have to be crazy to not already have this in your professional makeup kit! These reusable blending sponges are cult-favorites that many makeup professionals swear by. If you’re looking to beef up your kit, the Gold Mine collection is right up your alley. The set contains the beautyblender original, a blender in gold for your festive clients, the blendercleanser solid, and blotterazzi (blotting sponge). Priced at $40, you’re basically getting the cleaner and the blotting sponge for free!

Well, what are you waiting for?

While the weeks leading up to the holidays supply us with some of the big deals, QC students get makeup discounts year round!

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