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If you’re a thrill-seeker and love an adventure, look no further than New Zealand. Folks in this country are warm and inviting, and they know how to have a good time in the great outdoors!

New Zealand’s biggest city is Auckland. Based around two large harbors in the north of New Zealand’s North Island, Auckland is home to over 1.3 million residents. This bustling city is host to a unique range of neighborhoods, ideal for any budding makeup artist to set down roots.

Want to become a makeup artist in Auckland, New Zealand? Read on to learn more about how you can started in this exciting city.

Where to Work in Auckland

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Location: Devonport
Preferred Makeup Jobs: Bridal Makeup, Everyday makeup
Industries: Bridal, Salon and Spa
Preferred Makeup Style: Classy & Trendy

A chic and sophisticated neighborhood on Auckland’s North Shore, Devonport is one of the city’s oldest settlements. Steeped in rich heritage and dotted with colorful villas, this neighborhood is home to numerous tourists along the coastline and a budding destination wedding industry takes advantage of breathtaking views along the nearby coastline.

Location: Posonby
Preferred Makeup Jobs: Everyday makeup, evening makeup
Industries: Salon and Spa
Preferred Makeup Style: Trendy & Risqué

If you’re looking to start a makeup business in Auckland and aren’t afraid to push the bounds of makeup artistry, Posonby could be your new home. This stylish suburb close to the central business district is home to the hippest bars and clubs, some of the city’s best restaurants, and unique boutique stores.

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Location: Herne Bay
Preferred Makeup Jobs: Freelance Makeup, Bridal Makeup
Industries: Salon and Spa, Bridal, In-Home Makeup Services
Preferred Makeup Style: Classy & Sophisticated

Herne Bay is Auckland’s most affluent suburb, featuring beautiful harbor vistas, marine villas, and Edwardian-style homes. Residents of this neighborhood expect top-quality service, and are happy to pay for it. A freelance makeup artist who has a solid reputation and who will travel to the client’s house would do well to establish a business in Herne Bay. Luxury makeup salons or high-end spas are also ideal for this thriving area.

Location: Kingsland
Preferred Makeup Jobs: Freelance Makeup Artist, Makeup Counter
Industries: Salon and Spa, Retail
Preferred Makeup Style: Cool & Quirky

Kingsland is found in central Auckland and is home to many trendy restaurants, in-style cafés, and a booming cosmopolitan shopping precinct. Makeup artists who establish themselves in local salons and boutiques will have it well-made. In the retail sector, you can’t find a better spot than Kingsland. As an added bonus, Kinglsand is home to Eden Park Stadium, so the area is PACKED on game days!

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MUAs to Follow in Auckland

Amber Carroll

Amber is known to be one of New Zealand’s top makeup artists with editorial and advertising clients all over New Zealand and Australia. Amber has a wide ranging portfolio and has worked as the beauty editor for Pulp Magazine, at Bangkok Fashion Week, and with Bobbi Brown at Barneys NYC. Her online fashion and beauty portfolios are absolutely breathtaking!

Follow Amber’s blog for ongoing makeup inspiration.

Kath Gould

On top of having a gorgeous makeup portfolio, Kath has a reputation in New Zealand of having impeccably high standards and an amazing style. She’s been prominently featured in New Zealand’s top television productions, and also works in editorial, fashion, advertising, music, and general beauty industry. She’s worked on famous faces such as Miranda Kerr, Eva Longoria and Gabriel Macht.

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Connor Adams

With a combined 16 years in the fashion and makeup industries, Connor has worked for top brands including MAC cosmetics and Mecca Cosmetica. Her editorial work has been showcased in Hello May Mag, Bride & Groom Magazine, and on The Wedding Network, among many others.

Find Connor on Instagram and Facebook.

Makeup Artist Salary in Auckland

Retail or salon-based makeup artists in Auckland make between $37,400 and $62,400 per year, according to CareersNZ. TV, Film and Celebrity makeup artists earn a higher salary at $74,800 to $200,000 per year. Of course, makeup artist salaries are always based on a number of factors beyond location, such as industry, experience, education, etc.

Obtaining a makeup artist certification will demonstrate to employers and clients that you have both the knowledge and skills to create a variety of professional makeup looks. Having both basic and advanced techniques to show off will build your makeup career on a solid foundation!

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If you’re just beginning your career as a makeup artist, your salary will reflect your level of experience. This will result in an entry-level salary, but that’s nothing to worry about – it will increase as you improve your skill set and work with a variety of different clients.

Another factor to keep in mind is the location that you decide to work in. Our list of the best Auckland neighborhoods is a great place to start, but know that each area offers different salaries based on the people that live there!

Beautiful bustling Auckland is a wonderful location for any aspiring makeup artist to enter the industry. With professional makeup training, a bit of ambition, and a positive attitude, New Zealand could be your new makeup haven!

Interested in getting a job as a makeup artist in Auckland or elsewhere? Check out QC’s online makeup courses and start an exciting career in makeup today!

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