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As autumn approaches, you know you’ll need to make a few changes to your makeup kit – from product consistencies to specialized skin care. But what about your professional kit? How can you adapt your products to the season when you only have so much to spend on your kit each month?

Well, besides purchasing palettes that can be used year-round, you’ll also want to look at how much you’re buying. If you’re spending money on a super moisturizing primer, know that you’ll only need it until March or April – this means that you can buy a smaller size!

Just as well, you’ll want to explore the newest trends in anticipation of what will be popular for the season. Don’t spend all of your hard-earned cash on trendy products, but definitely test out the shades!

One brand we always trust for testing out new product trends? MAC Cosmetics, of course! They always provide the best quality makeup with a dash of trends and seasonal twists. Read on for our top picks from MAC for your fall makeup kit!

MAC Matte Lipstick

It’s almost autumn, which means the high-gloss and shimmer lippies are on their way out. Don’t worry – they’ll be back next year! But autumn is the time for rich, creamy lipsticks and matte finishes. And I’m sure you already know this, but MAC’s matte lipsticks are some of the best in town!

MAC makeup products for fall 2017

If you’re looking to create a gorgeous neutral matte lip reminiscent of fall, test out the shades Whirl (described as a dirty rose color) or Persistence (a peachy cinnamon). These shades are perfectly neutral for autumn – they embody the rich, darker tones of the season without overpowering the whole face. For clients who aren’t a fan of the bold lip, these tones will still give them that fall-feel.

And if you find yourself working on more adventurous clients, check out the shades Sin (deep dark blue red) and Power Driven (deep wine burgundy). Yes – these shades are quite dark. However, you can totally lighten them up a bit by mixing them with a similar-toned neutral. That being said, the dark lip can work on anyone. It just takes the right shade and a muted eye look to make the lips the star of the show!

Pro Tip: Since the air is becoming dry and the temperatures are cooling down, be sure to prep your client’s lips with a hydrating lip balm or primer. This will keep any matte lipstick from cracking or flaking away – which is an absolute tragedy for any makeup artist.

Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor

Have you fallen in love with liquid lippies lately? Then skip the originals and check out MAC’s selection of matte liquid lipsticks! With similar shades as their regular lipsticks, the liquid formula can last longer (if you apply it right!).

To be completely honest, liquid lipsticks are great for girls on the go – so this product might be better suited for your personal kit. But you might as well pick one up! Heaven knows that at least one of your clients is also in on the liquid lip craze and will want a recommendation.

For the autumn-inspired lip we mentioned above, check out the shades High Drama (a deep plum) or Topped With Brandy (a deep neutral rose).

Personality Palettes / Power Hungry

To match those deep fall lips, you’ll need a gorgeous neutral palette to create a complementary eye look. We know – you already have a few neutral eyeshadows that you swear by. But hear us out: this palette from MAC combines a few gorgeous warm-toned neutral shades, plus an opalescent highlighter. Come on, who can resist that description?

You know you’ll always need neutral anyways, so why not grab some while they’re in a convenient palette? You’re probably thinking, “I already have SO MANY neutral palettes” – and that’s totally fair. But did we mention it’s only $40 for this palette?!

Fall inspired makeup look with dark lip

Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15

Alright – now for the skin. Taking care of your skin in the fall and winter can be a tricky situation. From dry skin, to flakiness, to lack-luster complexions, it usually all comes down to one issue: not enough hydration!

To get moisture back into your skin for that bouncy glow, you’ll need to invest in a hydrating moisturizer, serum, and primer. But all of that prep can take up a huge part of your morning routine! If you want to save some time, test out MAC’s Studio Moisture Fix. It gives you SPF protection and provides a deep hydration all day long.

We’re not saying this should replace your regular moisturizing routine, but adding it in in the place of serum or primer wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world during a busy week! And that SPF protection is essential for autumn – the sun is just winding down from a hot summer.

Mineralize Skinfinish

Still looking for more glow this fall season? Pick up the Mineralize Skinfinish from your local MAC store, and you’ll be glowing all year. This is a fan-favorite for a reason! It provides a buildable glow in different shades for every skin tone. One shade we’re dying to try? Lightscapade – a “soft candlelit beige with multidimensional shimmer.”

Since rainbow highlighters have started popping up, we’ve felt quite disoriented about whether this trend is worth the test – but this highlighter gives a slight pop of dimension without making you look like a clown.

Do you think it’s worth a try before next summer?

Loving these products? Find out how to get certified as a MAC makeup artist, and you’ll be swimming in their new makeup lines!

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