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With hot summer days just around the corner, it’s time to start putting the right makeup techniques in place to ensure your looks stay put. QC Ambassador Stephanie Wyatt is here to teach us how to apply makeup that won’t slide off in the heat, as well as how to “bake” makeup to ensure it looks flawless all day!

Follow along and learn some excellent tips on how to enjoy the summer heat while keeping your makeup in place!

The Tools

Today, Stephanie is using a combination of her MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ and her Benefit That Gal Primer in order to create a base. She’ll be building her look with Benefit’s Erase Paste Concealer as well as a mix of brown shades and a shimmery pink from QC’s neutral eyeshadow palette.

As for brushes, she has several from QC’s collection at the ready – an angled brush and flat brush for her eyes, a buffer brush, small brush, and slanted brush for her concealer, a pointed eyeshadow brush to add more color, a large brush for bronzer, and a small definer brush to add highlight under her brows.

She also uses her EcoTools Perfecting Blender to bake under her eyes and uses a small EcoTools powder brush to blend the powder even further. Finally, she uses her Real Techniques Setting Brush to buff color in, and her ZOEVA Sheer Cheek Angled Brush to apply blush.

For her eyes, Stephanie uses L’Oreal’s Superliner Perfect Slim Liner and Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara. True Match Foundation and Laura Mercier’s Translucent Powder are used on her face, and rounding out her list of products are Anastasia DipBrow Pomade, Benefit ka-BROW! Cream Gel Eyebrow Color, Benefit Ready, Set, Brow Gel and Posie Balm, and finally, Too Faced Sweet Peach Lip Gloss.

Hopefully you took notes on all of those products! Now on to the makeup application…

The Technique

Once Stephanie creates a strongly primed base, she applies concealer and then goes right to work on her eyes, using QC’s angled brush to apply both brown and shimmery pink for a perfect summer tone. Once lined and filled out with mascara, Stephanie blends Collection Cosmetics’ Lasting Perfection Concealer into her forehead, chin, cheeks and eye area, and buffs excess concealer around her eyes with a small brush.

Now it’s time to bake! Stephanie grabs a generous amount of translucent powder on her damp blending sponge and presses it under her eyes – this is the magic trick to keep makeup in place on hot summer days!

Beauty hack: Stephanie lets the powder sit for 5 minutes to ensure it does its job.

As baking isn’t just for under the eyes, Stephanie also bakes the bridge of her nose. She then goes back to her eyes, adding more of the brown and pink color underneath, and then buffs two colors from QC’s Contour and Highlight Palette into her cheeks and forehead, and uses another color to create a sun-kissed look.

Now it’s time for blush! Choosing a light pink color from QC’s pretty blush palette, Stephanie uses her ZOEVA Sheer Cheek Angled Brush to apply it, and adds a small bit of powder on her cheeks to mattify it. Stephanie then adds some highlight into the corner of her eyes with Avon’s White Eyeliner Pencil, and fills in and shades her brows before brushing them to perfection.

To finish the look, Benefit’s High Brow is applied with QC’s small definer brush under Stephanie’s brows, and her lips are coated in Benefit’s Posie Balm with Too Faced Sweet Peach Lip Gloss on top (a great, colorful choice for the summer months!). To bring the look full circle, Stephanie sprays Mac Prep + Prime Fix+ on her carefully applied makeup to ensure it stays put.

She’s now ready for the hottest days of summer, and her makeup isn’t going anywhere!

Have you baked your makeup before? Share your baking experience in the comments!

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