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Accept Your Age

Being a young makeup artist is tough work, but most of that is going to come out of the fact that people don’t believe a young professional has enough experience. That may be the case, or you might be years into your career. Either way, don’t let it get you down. You’ll need to fight for the clients you want and prove that you’re as good as your “experienced” counterparts.

Accepting that some people want an older makeup artist can help to point you in the right direction. Start building up your client base with friends and people your age. They’ll be into the styles you like, they’ll be supportive of your career, and they’re more likely to follow you on social media!

Plus, the more people you meet now, the more likely you’ll end up with clients who keep in touch throughout the years. Having long-lasting relationships with customers will give you more credibility in the long run!

Stay Educated

Of course, every 20-something knows that without an education, you won’t be going too far in your career. It’s a harsh reality, but reality nonetheless.

There’s so much competition for jobs that you have to keep learning – adding to your skills will only give you more potential for gaining customers. If you can offer a bride makeup and hairstyling services on her big day, why wouldn’t she hire you?

Learning hairstyling skills for certified makeup artists

So even if you don’t think college is for you, be sure to get some kind of training! As a young person trying to make a name for herself, you need to show your expertise. The easiest way to do that is through your work and your resume. And don’t be afraid to flaunt it! You’re not going through all that studying just to downplay your skills.

Remember, a higher salary comes with more knowledge and training – but it won’t happen if you don’t actually practice. So put in the time each week to refine your skills, even after you’ve finished your makeup classes!

Keep Your Head in Your Phone

Despite what you’re always told, being on your phone can be a huge benefit to your makeup artistry business. Not only are you able to connect with current and potential clients in an instant, your online presence is your best marketing tool. Social media has changed the game for makeup artists – especially on Instagram and Snapchat! Using social media is quick, convenient, and can grow your client base exponentially.

The first place people go to check out a business is usually Facebook, so put lots of time into nurturing your followers. Stay active, keep it professional, and always have contact info! What good is it for someone to see your page and have no way to hire you?

Showing off your hard work at live events, with bridal makeup clients, or even on yourself will help you grow an online makeup portfolio that shows your passion for the industry. It can help put you on the map with established makeup artists as well. Follow top artists for inspiration and new trends to try out.

So go ahead, send out that story of the gorgeous look you wore on Saturday night. The people love it!

Young woman learning makeup artistry online

Know It’s Just the Beginning

Rather than getting into tiresome battles with your parents, know that success doesn’t happen overnight. If you don’t have back-to-back appointments every day, it doesn’t mean you’re failing! You’re learning, you’re growing, and starting off on your own will help you build character.

It takes time to learn, practice, find clients, and start a business all at the same time. Don’t let other people tear you down because “you don’t make enough” or “you’re home during the day” – these are no indication that you’re not working hard (as long as you really are working hard, that is!).

Be responsible with your money when you’re starting up. You might need to spend a few more nights working than your friends, but it will benefit you in the future. Keep your personal and business expenses separate, and use different accounts to track your spending. You’ll be able to see how much money you need to cover your basic living expenses, and how much you need to keep your makeup business afloat!

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