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It’s time to take note of the hottest trends of the season (no pun intended!). Ahead of the warm weather, you’ll need to find out which makeup trends are going to be popular over the summer, and how to create them on your clients. They’ll want to stay current while not experiencing makeup meltdowns from high temperatures!

We’ve done the work for you and collected 7 summer beauty trends to put to use for summer 2017 – read on and start practicing!

1. Smudged eyes

Makeup look for spring and summer 2017

The thought of smudged eye makeup is enough to make any makeup artist cringe! It calls to mind images of ruined eyeliner and eyeshadow caused by tears, accidental rubbing, or a meltdown in hot weather.
This summer, however, the (perfect) smudged eye is a serious trend! So how do you achieve a gorgeous smudged effect for your client without making them look like they slept in their makeup?

The biggest trick is to only apply eyeliner in the center of the upper and lower lash lines, avoiding inner and outer corners completely. Ditch the liquid liner for this look – you’ll want to stick with a pencil, and use your fingers to smudge it.

This look may take a few attempts, so don’t get discouraged!

2. Glitter

Summer is always a time to wear bright colors, but this year is particularly bright – glitter and shimmer were huge on the catwalk this year! The great thing about adding sparkle to your client’s makeup is that it can be done subtly (by using a bit on the eyes and lips) or boldly (wearing it over lipstick or creating glitter shapes on the face).

Although your client may not have sported sparkles in their makeup before, this season you can encourage them to broaden their horizons! Try this gold and orange glitter makeup tutorial for a special summer evening. Get your client to shine their brightest!

3. Luminous skin

Dewy skin and curled hair for summer beauty trends

Glowing, healthy skin is always popular, especially in the summer! Warm temperatures and more time spent outdoors will have your client craving a look that is light and clean. A huge trend for 2017 is smooth, Instagram-worthy skin created with a mix of hydrating moisturizer (tailored to your client’s skin type, of course), primer, and foundation.

As foundation is last on the list, use it very sparingly to cover marks, blemishes and under-eye circles. Moisturizer and primer will do the rest of the work, and your client will love how their skin looks and feels in the sunshine!

4. Cheek flush

As a makeup artist, you’ve seen what happens to skin when it stays in the sun for too long! While sunburns are dangerous, and we don’t recommend lying in the direct sunshine for any extended period of time, your clients are going to want a lovely flush in their cheeks this summer. The good news is, they don’t need to sit outside to get it (and it doesn’t take long to achieve)!

In the comfort of your makeup workspace, start by choosing a blush color that suits your client’s skin tone without standing out too brightly against the rest of their makeup. Beginning at the apples of their cheeks, blend lightly upward toward their temples. You can finish this sun-kissed flush by dusting a pearly highlight on your client’s cheekbones.

In the summer, less is more. This trick will leave your client’s cheeks looking like they spent the whole afternoon basking in the sun!

5. Braids

Summertime is the season of outdoor music festivals and events, so it’s no surprise that braids are super popular. What’s great about 2017’s braids is that there is such a variety of styles, so your client can choose one that suits their personality and the occasion!

Hairstyle trends for summer 2017

Skinny braids, fishtail braids, and braided buns are just a few of the most popular trends this season. Take the opportunity to expand your makeup artist skillset to include hair styling. Clients will love the fact that they can have their makeup done and hair styled for a summer event, and you’ll quickly build your reputation as a makeup artist!

6. Bright eyeshadow

Summer is a time for bold and bright colors, but we can guarantee that you’ve never encountered the colorful eyeshadow that is going to be a huge trend this summer! In shades of orange, green, pink and even red, eyeshadow has turned into a seriously creative accent, taking the shape of arrows, wings, and even smudges.

And it doesn’t stop at eyes, either – the runways this past winter were full of models with brightly colored eyebrows in shades of lilac, orange and white! While these creative makeup looks won’t be coveted by every client this summer, they are definitely on the beauty radar for adventurous makeup lovers. Being prepared with color palettes is key as a trendy makeup artist!

In terms of technique, a steady hand is extremely important when applying loud colors to the eye area. It’s also helpful to know which colors suit your client best – take a peek at our color cheat sheet in anticipation of this summer trend.

7. Powder-free skin

Every makeup artist knows that summer is perfect for sporting a bare face. We mentioned earlier that your clients will crave fresh, luminous skin this summer. But did you know that many of them will want you to skip powder altogether? Even matte powder is off the list for the summer, as clients will want to feel as light and free as possible on hot summer days.

Makeup artist applying sunscreen to protect skin

While skipping powder is fine, you definitely don’t want to ditch moisturizer, primer, and of course, sunscreen. Makeup artists create beautiful looks, but they also must protect their client’s skin, so be sure to recommend some great sunscreens for the months ahead (or moisturizers with SPF!).

Put these 7 trends to use this summer and show your clients what you’re made of as a makeup artist!

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