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First of all, let us congratulate Stephanie Wyatt on her recent graduation from QC’s Master Makeup Artistry Course! Her work is fantastic, and we’re excited to see what else is in store for Stephanie!

This month, Stephanie demonstrates how to use the new QC contour palette. Although she self-proclaims as not being a contour master, the end result is stunning! Watch the tutorial to see what Stephanie thinks of the contour kit, and how she gets this gorgeous look.

Let’s Recap

  1. Stephanie starts by highlighting under her eyes with one a highlight shade. She packs the products beneath her eyes, and moves up her cheekbones.
  2. Stephanie continues to highlight on her chin, as well as on her jawline and the bridge of her nose.
  3. Stephanie uses the lightest contour shade to start, and applies is underneath her cheekbones in the hollow of her cheeks. She also shadows underneath her lip to give the effect of a fuller bottom lip.
    • Start with a light shade, and then move into the darker shades if needed. It’s easy to apply more product, but impossible to go back!
    • Use a light hand with your contour color to avoid a streaky look.

  4. Once you apply the contour color, use a large fluffy brush to blend out the product. Use upwards and circular motions to even out the contour.
  5. To combat any excess contour product, go back in with your highlight shade to make the high points of your face pop.

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  • Carole Bourgault says:

    It’s great but it would be fun if she took the brushes of the Academy to make makeup, one could see the range of possibility to use.

    • Katie Deck says:

      Hi Carole!

      That’s a great idea – thanks for sharing with us! You can also use similar QC brushes to create this look, and experiment with how each brush applies different makeup products. πŸ™‚

      Stay tuned for our upcoming tutorials and thanks for watching!

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