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Glamour makeup is a particular style of makeup that can totally transform your clients. Award shows, proms, galas, runways…there’s a never ending list of clients who need a glitzy makeup look for their special event. However, it takes a lot of skill to balance the fine line between cartoonish and super glam! If you’re looking to master your glamour makeup techniques, QC’s Master Makeup Artistry course offers students the chance to learn how to create the perfect vixen or bombshell look.

Whether you’re freelancing, working as a celebrity makeup artist, or work for a fashion designer, you need to create glamour looks that compliment your client’s style. Here’s a few ways you can take your MUA certification and use it to create unique glamour makeup that will blow everyone away!

From Fantasy to Photoshoot…

How to create a glamorous masquerade makeup look

There’s a strong demand in the glamour industry for makeup artists who can constantly create new looks and add twists to old makeup trends. For clients who enjoy attending costume balls and masquerades, you’ll be able to tune into your most creative ideas to create a fantasy-inspired look. With feathers, beads, and masks, makeup artists can build extravagant glamour looks to fulfill a client’s creative vision.

Creating fun and glamorous looks also plays into high-end photoshoots. If you’re hired for a glamour shoot, you’ll want to focus on the eyes and lips to create a dramatic look for your client. Using bold colors, fake lashes, and glitter is a mainstay of glamour makeup. Choosing the right lip and eye colors for your client is as important as creating harmony for the whole look, so you’ll need to plan out the look before you apply it.

To Public and Live Events…

It may seem as though runway makeup is similar to makeup for special events, but there is a big divide when it comes to these two looks. Runways are meant to make your clients look like models, whereas live event clients need to look like the best version of themselves. Take an award show, for example. An actress needs glamour makeup to accentuate her features and make her look flawless from all angles. At the same time, she needs to look human. A runway model does not have the same need to look natural, since her makeup has one purpose: compliment the fashion look she’s wearing. That can mean makeup looks that take a turn toward the more avant-garde.

Public and live events can also last a lot longer for your clients, so you need to create a glamour look that stays put! This comes down to your product choices and the techniques you use to apply the makeup. Your client may need a touch up halfway through the event, but do your best to apply long-lasting makeup to begin with.

And Body Makeup…

Glamour makeup for photo shoots

Body makeup is another huge part of glamour makeup. Applying makeup on the body is different from putting it on the face; there’s different angles, movements, and skin textures. And you don’t need a client with skin ailments in order to apply body makeup—that would probably worsen their skin—instead use it to highlight a client’s best features, such as toned shoulders or long legs. Just remember, body makeup for events needs to look natural. Enhancing a client’s décolletage will make them look and feel more glamorous than ever. Accentuate a client’s curves and make a low-cut outfit daring by body-contouring strategically.

We expect to see makeup on the face, but the body is a different story! If body makeup isn’t applied properly then your client can end up looking fake or doll-like. Luckily, a makeup artist certification will take you through the correct techniques for applying makeup on the body—just another addition to the old resume! Plus, body makeup can be used to create artistic patterns on your client. Get into the world of body art and practice your creative techniques!

And don’t worry—your MUA certification gives you all the basics on how to establish your makeup business as well. We know that becoming a makeup artist is hard work; there’s a lot of competition in the industry. However, that means there’s always a demand! So start learning the secrets to landing clients and gaining experience as a makeup artist!

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