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Jeanette Ambers student feature for QC makeup academy's online training
Name: Jeanette Ambers

Location: Palm Springs, California

QC courses you’re taking: Master Makeup Artistry

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Facebook: @JeanetteAmbers

Instagram: @Jeanette_Ambers

Twitter: @JeanetteAmbers

Google+: Jeanette Ambers


Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am a 31 year old mother of 3 pursing my passion and living my own dreams. I am a writer, stylist, beauty maven, wino, inspirational speaker and mommy.

I stayed stuck and quiet in my life for quite some years. However, two years ago I decided that it was time to break out of that shell and get back to being me!

I am passionate in an artistic way. I love color—yet can see the beauty that is more than what your eyes may see. I enjoy quiet nights with my wine. I live to help others and my purpose is to inspire others!

I love the idea of beauty (makeup/hair) and have seen and experienced the tremendous amount of joy it can bring.

I am a Multipotentialite, which means I can never fully be satisfied in one field because I see too much opportunity!

What motivated you to go into makeup artistry?

The beauty industry has always been something I’ve had a passion for. Watching my mother every day: the way she had such joy and technique in applying her makeup and styling her own hair — it seemed so effortless for her. She had an aura of strength. Her head held high and her eyeliner on-point!

She totally inspired my love in the beauty industry. Naturally, at 13 I started doing my own hair and makeup. At 16 I was doing it for others.

My motivation is driven by that feeling of what makeup can do! Having a bad day? Put makeup on!

I truly find joy in helping others. I did not have the most ideal upbringing and I fought hard to be who I am today, and I know that the simple pleasure of a good face can bring out a side of you that you never seen. Sexy, positivity, strength…a good MOTD is a good day!

Makeup student experience with QC makeup academy for her online makeup training
QC makeup academy review by student

You discuss a lot of different topics on your blog, from inspiration and kids, to beauty and wine! What advice can you give for other emerging makeup artists?

Do not give up! Keep pursuing your passions even if you have a million other things going on because it can be done! Love every part of who you are and then embrace and transcend to bring that to your makeup artistry business.

I realize that my blog covers a range of topics…but each is an inspiration for a look or a feeling. When you can incorporate different aspects of your life to your business you will find you have something that makes you unique!

What’s been the highlight of your student experience with QC so far?

The people.

I am a big advocate for positive interactions. Everyone behind this school, from the customer care specialist to the tutors have made me feel comfortable and are always responsive, sweet and educated.

Material can be above and beyond but without a good base of people at each level, you have nothing. I have not felt in any way inadequate with QC or that I have been treated unjustly, and that is the biggest highlight thus far!

As a mother, a student, and an active blogger, you must get really busy! How do you manage to stay on track?

Planners, to-do lists and time-chunking!

I also take occasional workshops and seminars. I actively stay connected with others who share my passion of blogging and entrepreneurship as a way to keep encouraged and motivated. It is important to find others who you can relate to!

Writing down every detail, plan, and thought is a must. I am not talking about typing it into your phone; use your 2 hands, write it all down and keep it displayed somewhere you see it every day! I have my to-do list and time-chunking plan taped on my desk, along with 3 planners for my different projects, as well as a ‘mom’ calendar on the fridge.

Student feature for QC makeup academy's master makeup artistry online course

You post a lot of product reviews on your blog. Will you share your No. 1 beauty product with us?

Water! I cannot stress enough how water is the very base of every single makeup product and beauty tip! DO NOT FORGET TO DRINK your 8 glasses of water! I know it sounds cliché, but you don’t realize the amount of people I meet who do not drink water and who have the worst cases of dry skin or acne. You have to realize that water flushes out the body…and that includes oils from the skin!

My next No. 1 beauty product for this year alone is Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin foundation. This foundation not only provides the ever important SPF but it is also formulated to help treat the skin with its gentle properties. Considering the drug-store factor of the brand, this foundation has proven its worth. I have used it on a few clients with different skin types and it has held. No cakey or chalky look. No irritations, no dispensing issues…just medium coverage and a base that stays. I am all for affordability and Maybelline Super Stay Foundation is a great everyday foundation!

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    Love this post. It has inspired me to keep going. I am a mother of two and have a lot going on. I have been slacking a little bit but I am going to try writing things down. I have to start making time for myself. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to more post form you.

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