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October 31st is almost here! Are you still thinking of how you can wow everyone at this year’s Halloween party? We don’t blame you. This is one night that makeup artists get to go all out! Whether you’re interested in a new technique or just want to step up your Halloween game, QC Ambassador Stephanie Wyatt will show us how to create a gory SFX lip step-by-step!

So follow along and get inspired to try out your wildest Halloween look yet!

What you’ll need:

  • QC eyeshadow palette
  • Liquid latex (Stephanie uses Freedom brand)
  • Stage Blood (Ben Nye)
  • Blood gel (Woochie)
  • Disposable bowls
  • Tweezers
  • Tissue paper
  • Makeup sponge
  • Makeup brushes
  • Stippling sponge
  • (Optional: safety pins)


Build your base

Stephanie squeezes some of her liquid latex into a disposable bowl. She then uses a clean sponge to apply the latex all over her lips. She extends it past her mouth on both sides to create the base for her ghoulish scar (think of the Joker’s grin). Tear up vertical strips of the tissue paper and then apply over the liquid latex. You’ll have to apply roughly three layers to create enough thickness to play with.

Create scar tissue

Once it sets after the third application, Stephanie uses tweezers to create small tears in the tissue paper—starting with the sides and leading in the middle. Gently tear the tissue paper open where you want the opening for your SFX mouth to be. Take the other side of your tweezers and open up the sides of the tissue to make it look bulkier—like a gory lip scar.

Add more texture

Stephanie grabs her QC eyeshadow palette and applies grey, black, purple, and red eyeshadow with a brush to make her mouth wound look more realistic. She then adds some of her stage blood into another disposable bowl.

She adds a few small pieces of tissue, covering them with blood. Using her brush, she places them in the tissue she opened up with tweezers. Stephanie then takes her safety pin and pierces through the layers of liquid latex and tissue to make her SFX mouth look clasped out. She seals the safety pins down with liquid latex.

Caution: Stephanie does this very slowly, and very carefully. We recommend SKIPPING this step unless you are professional SFX makeup artist. There is a chance that you will pierce yourself!

Apply your blood

Stephanie uses her brush to apply blood gel all over the detail work that a sponge would miss. She then takes a stippling sponge and dips it into stage blood. Like Stephanie, you can then stipple the stage blood all over the tissue paper, extending the blood onto your face.

According to Stephanie, this will looks messier and more realistic than just painting it on with a brush—resulting in a terrific “zombie-like” effect. Finally blend everything out with a brush.

Step back and admire your handiwork!

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